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a short description of a book, movie, or other product written for promotional purposes and appearing on the cover of a book or in an advertisement.

I encourage that you give your thoughts on someone's blurb(s).

I'll use one of mine as an example.
Winchester High…. There Will be Blood
Levi Darker is a new art and literature teacher at Winchester High. Set in the future -exactly 18 years from 2013 in a small town in Michigan- technology has advanced, and the old government of the United States of America has been eradicated and rebuilt. When a horrifying string of murders begins, Levi takes it upon himself to stop the murderer before all of his students are killed. Will he be able to save them in time, or will the killer get away with everything?

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Oooh! I kinda imagine this blurb as my MC's voiceover in a movie trailer type thing:

Thaddeus Godchallenger.

A name that has evolved from a rebel, to a leader, to nothing but a legend. A name retold in stories across the globe. Grandmothers gather their grandchildren around a hearth, telling them the tales of Thaddeus Godchallenger. In some, Thaddeus is the brave and bold man who spoke against the oppression of the King God. A man whose name and face is something to look up to, his death a martyrdom and inspiring some to step up. In others, Thaddeus is nothing but a fool who was idiotic enough to challenge the deity that created him. The King God barely had to lift a finger to slaughter the man who dare oppose him. Nothing but a pesky human to the Gods.

However there is one thing all of the legends got wrong…

I'm not dead.

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(Oh wow, I can see it as a movie trailer already! Especially the ending. I picture the screen going black when he says I'm not dead, then epic music playing along with epic battle scenes! Great job!)

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I don't know if this is going to be the one I'll actually use on the back the book, but it's the version I shared with my family and friends to see if they wanted to read the book.

A New Genesis: Book One of Unnamed Series

Beneath the peaceful isles and the gently rolling hills of Thirigum, a great war between races is rumbling. After the death of the mage Ananth, the future held promises of peace, but rumors began to spring about the world, and in far countries, history seems to be repeating itself.
Following the death of a close friend, fifteen-year-old Ladios gains the attention of many, and it is only a matter of time before his secret is out. Banished from his island, Ladios is forced to journey across Thirignum. The Seven Kingdoms hope his special gift will answer their questions and finally be the undoing of Lord Vladimir.
Unnamed series tells of the great quest undertaken by Ladios and the rest of the Seven: Felman the healer, the lafears Jedrek and Berthold, Thea the daytheon, Tournour of Helegrin, and a mysterious stranger called Hemlock.


Every teenager is troubled with school but no one does anything about it. Parents say “it's all because of that phone,” or “it's just because of the social media you use.” When we try and tell them what’s going on they say “It’s all because of that phone you see back when i was ur age…” Yeah we get it ur life was pitch perfect but now there's insecurities, body shaming, that one girl or guy everyone wants to look like.
Then school isn’t any better, many teens get told at school by other students that they hate each other, and sometimes more than u think, the reason people hate others are just from rumors. Teachers say to ask for help but when you actually do they just tell you to pay attention more, even if you are trying as hard as possible, if you ask a teacher if you can do more work for extra credit they say, “maybe if u worked harder you wouldn’t need the bonus points,” and then they don’t even let u try for bonus points.
Society is worse overall, girls for example, you wear makeup your a try hard, you don't wear makeup your a loser. If you have a belly your fat, if you are skinny you need to eat. For guys, you study your a nerd, you don’t study your failure. You're not on the football team, no girl likes you, but for the guys who are on the team, they get girls falling all over them, special treatment from teachers, and their picture everywhere.
LGBTQ+ teens gets treated like crap honestly. They get told by people they really trusted,” It's just for attention” they lose many friends over this. Even if a girl were to ask to get her hair cut into a pixie cut some moms say “Why do u wanna be a boy?” No some don’t but if they did what's wrong with that. And guys, if they wanna grow their hair long some dads say,” no its not manly” or “why so u can be a girl, absolutely not” If you are LGBT you're told “it's just a phase you’ll get over it” no they won't and even if they do let us be us not you. The one thing I hear that really makes me angry is,” It was adam and Eve not Adam and Steve,”and for anyone who got told this or thinks they will here's an explanation straight from “God’s” words “Eve was made truly of one of Adam’s ribs and was then female.” So yes it wasn’t Adam and Steve because Steve is her deadname.
When teens get bad grades they get told their not trying hard enough, their failure, etc. But in reality their getting bad grades most of the time because they don’t understand and they’re scared to ask questions because they are scared they will get called dumb or stupid. Parents, have you ever thought they dont understand maybe just maybe because they have 6 classes, ELA, Math, Social studies, Science, music, and health, which they have to study all of that for weekly quizzes they recieve. Next time they don’t want to study dont say their lazy thoughts, maybe they wanna take a break from studying since they do it everyday.
In conclusion I think in my opinion as a fellow teen, teenagers should be not judged and more understood. I think that people should at least try and understand what they're going through.

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(This is less a blurb and more a preview)

"What is it?" I whispered, so quietly I had to wonder if he'd heard me.
His silence spoke volumes and my grip tightened around the smaller girl's hand as she hid behind us. My other hand tightened around my gun. In the stillness I could make out every groove and bump on the grip.
Had it followed? What were the extent of its senses? If it had followed, would it be able to find us? Would we be able to survive it's attack?
All these questions swirled through my head as the silence dragged on. It was crushing and hearing my heart in my ears and feeling it in my throat helped none. My breath was caught in my throat. I didn't dare breathe until I knew where the thing was.
Where had it come from? And how were we to handle things like it? Were there more?
"It's hunting us," Lachlan's voice ripped through my thoughts violently. "And it's toying with us."
My heart sank at his words. This day had just gone from bad to worse in a very short amount of time.