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I think that the reason it's not really adapted is since it is–in the tragedy/history/comedy trinary (is that a word? I'm making it a word)–usually classified as a comedy and people therefore look at that, look at the subject matter, and go "oh fuck no, I'm not touching that" when in reality it would be more accurately classed as a problem play, like The Tempest or The Winter's Tale.

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Also I want a Henry V retelling but I haven't been able to find one
The closest I've come is Lady Hotspur which is Henry IV and it sounds really good, but also is a dummy thicc tome and I don't have the energy for that right now lol


I think the main problem with trying to find retellings of Shakespeare's history plays is that they are already fantastical versions of real events, most of which were already really old by the time he got around to writing about them. The further you stray from the actual history, the more you end up delving into themes rather than characters or events. The Lion King is essentially a retelling of Hamlet, but folks don't often consider that because of how far-removed it is from Ye Olde England and Denmark.