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(I finally wrote something based on a drawing in my gallery after I was stuck between writer's block and art block. Enjoy ;-))

(Art by Koumi-senpai)
Ayano was never the photogenic type.

In every single photo, she was in her eyes were dull, her posture rigid and face blank. Among humans, she stood out like a wax figurine.

So it was a shock when a modeling agency approached her in the park.
She was like a porcelain doll according to them. A stoic beauty.

Ayano just went along with it, with a bit of monetary encouragement of course.

As the cameraman aimed the camera at her, getting a clear shot of the lush green shrubs and trees behind her. The breeze brushed her pale blue skirt behind an emerald green purse. The sun beamed through the clouds and onto her pure white shirt.

She looked back, with for once her life, a twinkle in her eye and a small smile.