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So, being the overthinker i usually am, I've been revising this fantasy story that came from a random inspiration that became it's own thing.

The problem lies that I've seen to have "revised" and rewritten this W.I.P. project so much that it has too much going on or that it would be uninteresting to read as a webcomic.

Ex: "5 years ago, two rivaling royal families were fitted to merge after an adoption was made. But shortly after peace was broken as one half attempted to seize the power of the other, and this started a multi-generational family feud that recently was ended via a treaty. But tensions begin to rise as it turns out the designated princess of the family is afflicted with a curse that threatens her life and those she's closest to."

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The certainly seems like a lot of story threads. Frankly, it really depends on how much you're wanting to write on this. 1 Book? Waaaay too much. A Trilogy? Much more doable.
A longer series? Super manageable, as long as you can figure out where to chunk your story elements into pieces you can handle.
As a webcomic? I think you could certainly do it. If it's going to be a long running serial, this is a great premise in the sense that it has an ongoing sense of worldbuilding and happenings.


That premise is crazy interesting! And people love seeing fantasy interpersonal and political drama (i.e: GOT). I say go for it!

Also, just so you know, I've been working on the same story for like a decade. It was also supposed to be a webcomic, but I changed the format to fit what I wanted it to end up as into an illustrated novel (best of both worlds). It also went from urban fantasy to just straight fantasy with a lot of hard worldbuilding. If it's interesting to you, don't be afraid to play with the setting and even the genre to make it suit!

Have fun man. Also drop us a link if you do write/draw it please