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I've been going through a work of mine that is going to going through a rewrite. I got quite far into summarizing things on my own (got part of chapter 4 started). However, I have lately been procrastinating and would love some assistance summarizing as I am quite lazy when it comes to this. WARNING: HIGHLY SENSITIVE CONTENT THAT MAY BE TRIGGERING

Here's the chapter that needs summarized, which I'm splitting up into the sections that I have it wrote out in already. I've been doing every action/event by bullet point, so please continue to do the same. (I'm putting my bullet list at the bottom.

"Point taken," George says as he places the magazine on the coffee table. "You're next target is Burma Waller. Chance told me that she is hiding out in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She is neither a supernatural being, nor a hunter. She will be at her nightclub, Aurora Borealis in the Waldorf. Many celebrities will be there; this also includes the media, so be careful! Understood?” he told them.

"Why do we have to 'be careful'?" William asks, not comprehending.

“Because more people means more chances to be caught. Think about it numbskull. How many people do you think we’re gonna run into asking ‘hey, handsome, what are you doing here?’ A lot is the answer,” Cale snapped before groaning. “And I’m the one that’s gotta follow you around and make sure you don’t get caught.”

"Oh yeah, that's right," the demon starts, turning his gaze to George. "Cale thinks that I'm attractive!"

"Get out of this house, you abomination!" George demands of Cale.

“Yeah, yeah. Same song and dance every week. I’ll wait for you outside, Will.” Cale rolled his eyes before leaving, making sure to close the door louder than necessary.

"I wasn't done giving you and the fagot information."

"Refer to him in any derogatory way again, and I'll break your arm, old man! There's a great ironic punishment waiting for worms like you back home!" William threatens, leaving to retrieve his colleague.

Seeing the demon’s sudden appearance doesn’t seem to startle the human as he stares at him blankly. “Are we ready to go? I’m tired of being here.”

"Unfortunately the old man still has something to say about Burma," William responds, arms crossed over his chest.

Cale laughs. “And you think I’m going back in there? I say no.”

"Did I ever tell you what happens to homophobic worms in Hell?"
“Did I ever tell you if I believe in hell?”

"Anyway, they're forced to have homoerotic coitus with each other; some of them are even made to watch! The old perv is going to love it!" William laughs.

“That’s just gross,” Cale laughed. “I don’t know if I feel better, or if I’m scared for life knowing this.”

"I've also threatened bodily harm upon him if he speaks to you like that again…. You know that you enjoy knowing that he'll be facing that eventually," William grins, opening the door to go back in.

A small smile crept its way onto Cale’s face. “What a gentleman. Alright, you’ve persuaded me. I’ll listen to what the dick has to say.”

"Ah, so the prodigal son returns," George says upon seeing William enter.

"Say what you want to say so that we can leave, you shriveled old prune."

George sighs before continuing. He stands and walks over to a cupboard. “Chance had these made up for the two of you. They’re fraudulent ID’s for ones Richard and Benjamin Walters; a… married couple. You’re both rich, and own a million dollar company. You’re on the guest list. All you have to do is show these to the bouncers. I'm also gonna remind you that you have to be careful," he says, looking at his adoptive demonic child.

“So. I care why? I could just kill everyone there!"

“How about ‘fuck no,’” Cale practically screached. “You want us to pose as a couple, and not get caught. Are you hearing yourself right now?”

"The IDs will magically disguise you as long as you have them on you," George responds, seemingly dismissing the question, not really sure how to answer it. They bicker as if they were in a relationship, so why not make them be 'married'.

“I’m still not ok with this.” But money is money. “Com’on, Will. Let’s just get this over with,” Cale grumbled, accepting defeat.

"William, I’m sorry, but you have to take a jet this time," the old man says as the demon snatches the fraudulent IDs from his hand.

“Gather your damn things.” William said to the other young male, and walked out.

“Oh, and William, you can’t take any weapons with you.” George hollered after him.

“Go fuck yourself, you old fucking perv!” William yelled back.

“Now, honey, let’s not cause a scene,” Cale mocked before following the older demon.

William snaps his fingers, causing a solid gold ring to materialize upon his left ring finger. Cale looked down at his own left hand upon feeling weight on it to find a similar ring on his finger; the only difference was that a beautiful ruby sat in the ring. Smacking the hunter on the rear, the demon smirks.

"I can think of a few scenes that I'd like to cause," William banters back.

George looks on, appalled by the display. "You're disgusting!"

“He’s a demon,” Cale grinned, too amused by George’s disgust to be bothered by the demon’s gesture. “What’d you expect?”

"Just get going already," the elderly homophobic man demands, clearly exasperated.

"More suits," Cale muttered exasperated as they exited the room. "So, flying? Ever done that before?"

"No, I haven't."

"Is there a reason why we have to," Cale muttered. "I mean, it's fine, but we could save time if we just poofed over and then we wouldn't have to do something as idiotic as trusting our safety to a machine flying hundreds of miles in the air where anything could happen and kill us all such as engine failure, or the captain having a heart attack or even becoming possessed."

"You find it ironic that it's apparently the safest way to travel as well?" the demon inquiries, surprised by the commonality between them.

“I don’t know who said that, but they’re clearly getting paid to,” Cale commented. “I’m hoping this is the last time we have to fly too.”

"I'm gonna go take a shower before we leave. I suggest you do the same," William says as he ventures off.
“Fine, but I’m not putting on a damn suit until it’s necessary,” Cale huffed before heading towards the shower. True to his word he came back dressed in a slightly nicer pair of jeans and a shirt.

William goes to do the same, returning in a plain black tux and lightly scuffed black dress shoes with his hair slicked back. "Is there anything that you might need?"

Cale patted his duffel bag in response. "Ready when you are, hubby."

"I'm more than ready, shnookums," the demon states, moving forward and pulls Cale along to the garage. "Hang on. Where's my 'sister-in-law'?"

“She’s got essays to write, remember? She’s not going,” Cale pointed out. “We should be fine on our own anyways.”

"Go ahead and drive whatever you want," William offers, walking over a black and red 1970 Cobra Mustang. "I'm taking this beauty!"

“Why would we take separate vehicles? We’re going to the same place,” Cale argued getting in the vehicle with William.

The demon drives out of the garage, down the drive, and onto the road where he starts speeding.

Grabbing onto the sides of the seat, Cale glared at the demon. “Are you trying to kill us, or get arrested!”

"I'm just having some fun, Cale; learn to live a little!" William retorts. Excellerating down the road, the two pass by a hidden police cruiser. Red and blue lights flash behind them, a siren blaring as the cops chase them. William looks up at the rearview mirror, sighs, and slows down to pull over.

“Way to go,” Cale groans. “Well, I can’t say I wasn’t anticipating something like this sooner or later,” the man sighed to himself, his hand resting on the knife in his jacket pocket. Just in case.

The officer strolled up to the vehicle calmly, rapping on the window which William rolled down. “Sir, I’m going to need to see your license and registration. You were doing 90 in a 45 mile area.”

"Of course, officer!" William says, pulling his wallet out. He flashes a smile as he looks at the officer and holds out two $100 bills.

"Sir, are you attempting to bribe me?" the officer asks, occasionally eyeing the money.

"You want to take it, don't you?" William smiles. "Go ahead and take it."

"I can't do that, sir."

"Tell me, officer…. What is it you desire?" William asks, looking into the officer's eyes with intent.

"I… I want to…. Take your money and go shoot my captain," the officer responds. "Wh-why am I telling you this?"

William grins. "Well, go ahead, officer. Nothing's stopping you!"

"I suppose you're right!" the officer smiles, accepting the money. "You have a nice day," he says and walks back to his cruiser.

“What the fuck just happened,” Cale asked dumbstruck.

"That?" the demon asks as he continues driving. "That was one of my abilities."

“Keep it away from me,” the grouchy hunter mumbled, seeming to lose himself in thought shortly after. For the remainder of the drive he refuses to make eye contact, instead staring out into the passing scenery.

William continues driving until they reach the airport, where they are allowed to drive out to the hanger where the jet waits for them. A valet stands waiting for them. William exits his car, and hands the keys to him. The person looked rather excited to get into the car.

“Is there anything else that I could do for you, Mr Walters?”

“No. That is all.” William said. He put a spell on the car before leaving the manor so that he’d be able to know exactly where it was at all times. He dangled the keys over the man’s hand. “I see even one little scratch, and I’ll kill you. Understood?” he said in complete seriousness. The man quickly looked up, wide eyed.

“Y-yes! Of course! Not one little scratch!”

“Good.” William said, and started toward the jet. “You coming, babe?”

“Not like I have much of a choice,” Cale reminded him, taking the time to glare in disgust at his reflection in the car’s mirror before following William. The ID’s magic made his hair black.

“Good afternoon. I’ll be your captain for the evening. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight. I’d like to ask you to turn off all electrical devices for a short while. Again, enjoy the flight.”

The radio came on after that. It was on a commercial break.
“Have you heard of Lashell Brody’s suicide?”

“Yeah. I can’t believe that someone like her would actually do that. I mean, she seemed so happy. Plus she was filthy rich!”

“I know. It’s kind of strange though. I heard that she went up to a private room with one of her guests.”

William couldn’t help but smirk.


“Yeah. Maybe he got a little too rough with her. If you know what I mean? They had a fight, and he threw her over the balcony.”

“That wouldn’t explain the bucket of acid that was found in the room though.”

“Kinky torture stuff going on in that room with her special male friend of hers?” the people on the radio laughed. William looked over at Cale.

“They’re actually pretty close to what actually went on! I find this hysterical!” he said, and smiled.

Cale appears tense, his eyes darting to the windows and around the cabin. “Yeah, can you just knock me out for this flight? That’d be great.”

“Good thing we’re the only ones on this thing.” A flight attendant walks into their cabin. She’s very attractive looking, and smiles at William. “Other than the captain and her, of course.”

“Would you like anything, hun?” The flight attendant asks him. A name tag reading ALEXIS rests just over her left breast.

“1820 Johnnie Walker Scotch, sweety.” William says with a wink.

“Great choice, Mr Walters.” Alexis says. She goes into the back, and then comes back with a bottle of Scotch that William had ordered. She set it down on the table in front of him.


“And for you,” Alexis turned to Cale, clearly put off by his standoffish behavior and averted gaze.

“I’m fine. Thank you.”

“Alright. Just call me if ya change your mind.” Alexis said, and walked off. The voices on the radio were now talking about the school fire. William caught them say that nearly 10 bodies have been found. He laughed at this. Yes. Increase the death toll! William thought to himself. Alexis came back in.

“Everything alright? Why’d you laugh, Mr Walters? The deaths of those poor people isn’t funny!”

“Everything’s fine, sugar. My handsome husband just said that maybe you’d like to take a roll in the hay with us, and I just couldn’t contain myself.” Alexis was shocked at this, but now she looked over to Cale, gave a wink, smiled, and walked away again.

“You’re disgusting,” Cale snapped at him once the woman was out of earshot. “Pull that shit again and I’ll stick you to a devil's trap for a week!”

"I think that we’d have a good time.” William says loud enough for Alexis to hear, smiles, and leans over to whisper to Cale. "I'd like to see you try."

A low, almost growl-like, grumble came from the man who promptly stood up. “Well if all you want to do is fuck around with random whores then go right ahead,” he hissed in the mans face before making his way to the cockpit. God I hope the pilot will let me hide in here a while.

Soon the noises of very passionate lovemaking were heard along with the sounds of laughter. A loud groan escaped Cale as he took a seat in the vacant copilot’s chair, sparing a glance at the startled pilot who seemed shocked by the turn of events. “Please, don’t kick me out.”

“Wasn’t gonna,” the pilot assures him. After a moment of thought he turns the radio up to muffle the sounds of the demon and woman in the back.

“Thank you,” Cale sighed in relief, rubbing his temples. “I know I’m imposing, but do you have any aspirin?” The pilot digs in his bag before pulling out the bottle and handing it to Cale. “You’re a life saver.”

“Don’t mention it,” the man chuckled adjusting the hat to push back strands of brown hair, his eyes once again focusing on the controls which Cale now looked at curiously.

“Jesus Christ, how do you keep track of what any of this is,” Cale mumbled.

The man laughed. “I used to wonder the same thing. Name’s Laughton Lance. It’s a pleasure to meet you Mr Walters.”

Oh yeah. He thinks I’m Benjamin Walters. “Call me Ben. Mister is too formal. So, how long have you been flying? I’m kind of new to this.”

“Not to worry, Ben. You’re safe with me. I don’t look it, but I’m an experienced pilot. My dad before me was a pilot as well,” Laughton chuckled glancing at Cale who was still staring at the controls with apprehension. “It’s almost like how trained surgeons can be calm during an operation because they already know everything about anatomy and where vital organs and arteries are.”

“That makes sense,” Cale agreed. “Sorry. I shouldn’t doubt you, and I’m not,” Cale quickly corrected himself. “I’m just tense.”
“And that I imagine isn’t helping,” Laughton referred to what was going on in the cabin. “Doesn’t that bother you? I mean, he’s your husband.”

“Honestly, I’m more annoyed than anything. The marriage wasn’t exactly my idea,” Cale admitted, starting to relax in his seat.

“Still. He agreed to it. You agreed to it. Sorry if I’m overstepping any boundaries here,” Laughton appeared apprehensive until Cale chuckled.

“Okay, if we keep talking, we're gonna have to stop apologizing to each other. This is getting ridiculous.” The two men laughed. “So, newish topic. You have strong opinions on marriage. Are you married? Maybe you can give me some advice,” Cale joked.

“Well, I actually am married in fact,” Laughton beamed pulling a photo out of his breast pocket of a beautiful woman knelt on a porch beside two small children. “And the proud father of soon to be three children.”

“You have a beautiful family,” Cale smiled. “They have your eyes.”

“Yep. Wouldn’t trade em for nothin,” Laughton grinned. “What about you? Isn’t there something better for you than that?”

“You’re asking the wrong person,” Cale sighed sadly.

“No, I’m not. It’s your life. I’m asking you. Do you really like that guy enough to put up with what’s going on right now,” Laughton stated.

“Honestly, I think it’s the opposite of like that I feel,” Cale chuckled darkly. “I think I hate him.”

“Well, hates bad and all, but it’s not entirely opposite,” Laughton drawled. “Indifference is.” His eyes shifted to Cale who fidgeted. “You don’t seem indifferent.”

“Well, are you trying to convince me to divorce, or trying to fix my marriage now, because I’m confused.”

“I’m telling you to do what you want.” Laughton shrugged. “Not enough people do. World would be a happier place if we all did.”

“If we all could,” Cale corrected him before smiling. “Thanks, Laughton. I think this is one of the better conversations I’ve had all week.”

“Glad to be of service, sir.” After a few moments of silence Laughton glanced over to see the other man was fast asleep.

Throughout the flight Laughton could overhear the sounds of William and Alexis’s lovemaking repeatedly. Finished with what they had been doing for most of the flight, Alexis lay under a blanket, now asleep. William was next to her under the blanket. He took a look at his watch, noting that they had about half an hour until they would arrive at their destination. Standing up, not bothering to cover himself, William walks to the cockpit and knocks before entering.

"Benji, it's time to get ready, my love," he says after shaking Cale. The man mumbled something in his sleep before rolling his head away from William in an attempt to continue sleeping.

“That wasn’t very right of you, sir,” Laughton blurted. “He’s a nice guy.”

"He could've joined us," the demon retorts with a snort. "Ben, c'mon sweety, wake up; we're going to be landing soon!"

“Well maybe he didn’t want to share,” Laughton grumbled glancing over to the man who was slowly starting to wake up. “Did you ask him?”

“Go away,” Cale mumbled, barely awake. “I had a dream I was on an island of dogs. I wanna go back.” Laughton laughed at the sleeping man’s response.

"And we should both get dressed before we land!" William demands, shaking Cale harder, ignoring Laughton's question. Smacking away William’s hand Cale glared at William.

“I really hate you right now.”

William sighs. "I'm sorry Benjamin. Please, just forgive me. I'll make it up to you by buying you dinner."
"I forgive nothing," the man grumbled before yawning. His stomach rumbled loudly in response reminding him of the lack of food it had received since his shift at the store. "But I'll accept your invitation to dinner."

"Is there something that I could do to warrant your forgiveness?" the demon asks sincerely as he walks out to get dressed.

"Considering I'm staring at the naked woman you just had sex with," Cale snarled glaring at the demon as he followed him out. "Burn in hell." Why does it even matter that he fucked some idiot woman. You're getting too into this married image, Cale.

Grabbing his clothes William starts to slowly redress. I can at least tease him. Combing his hair back, he carefully wakes Alexis.

Oh, god, he’s so great at sex; he’s the best that I’ve ever had! Alexis thought as she wrapped herself in the blanket. Grabbing her clothes she enters the bathroom, exiting moments later to buckle herself into a seat.

“This is your captain speaking. Please turn off your electrical devices, and strap yourselves; we’ll be landing shortly.” William looked out a window to see the lights of the city shining below them. They were now descending, and things were becoming their normal size. As the jet landed, William stared at Cale.

“You ready for this thing?” he asked him. He started to speak in a hushed tone. “Remember, our names are Richard and Benjamin Walters.”

"I know. Though at this point I think we should introduce ourselves as soon to be divorced," Cale spat. "Just get the job done."

"Oh, you know you missed me."

“Like a hole in my head,” the human muttered back.

"What does that even mean?"

“Let’s just get to the hotel, change, do the stupid gala whatever, and sleep,” Cale snapped. “Please.”

Not long after they were rolling down the runway, coming down for a landing

"Well, I'm glad that you're ready, because I’ve got a feeling that things might get messy.” he said, stood up, and exited the jet once they were taxied to a hanger. Cale follows behind him. A sleek metallic black Rolls Royce stretch limo sat waiting for them on the tarmac. Cale eyes the vehicle with apprehension, but promptly enters when the door is opened for him.

“Right this way, Mr and Mr Walters.” he said. His eyes were bright blue, and he wore a tag reading LENNY on his vest. William took hold of Cale’s hand as he climbed in, and got in after him. Lenny shut the door, and went up to the front.

The contact caused Cale to blush, and he quickly gestured for Lenny’s attention. “Can we have some privacy, please?” The man nods before raising the partition, leaving Cale and William alone in the back seat.

“What? Did you decide to have me all to yourself? Makes sense now why you didn’t join me and Alexis,” William grins seductively.

Instead of snapping at the demon, Cale held a hand out shaking too badly to enforce his normal bitterness. “I need a minute. This is way out of my comfort zone,” he mumbled weakly hunching over.

William looks at the human, his brow furrowed in confusion by Cale's reaction. "You okay?"

"I'm fine," Cale lied. "I'm just nervous. I'm not good at dressing nice, or big crowds and tense polite conversations. I'm gonna blow this, and George is going to fire me, because he hates my ass and then how am I supposed to pay for Lucy's college," the man vented.

The two sat in silence for a while as the demon thought about Cale's confession. A sigh escaped from bowels of his chest.

"Even though it goes against my very being, I guess I can… help you," William says with a look of disgust on the last words.

"How," Cale asked cautiously.

"What were you planning on wearing?"

"My suit," Cale stated questioningly. "Unless I can go in jeans."

"No, unacceptable! You are not going to be wearing that hideous monstrosity!" William utters in stunned horror. He knocks on the divider, which promptly lowers. "I need you to take us to a place to get suits."

"Of course, Mr Walters."

"I can't afford a new suit," Cale hissed quietly.

"No, but George can," William smiles, hoping that Cale would catch onto what he was hinting at.

“I don’t think he’d like that,” Cale pointed out.

"Who gives a fuck what the old idiotic homophobic pervert thinks? I certainly don't, and you shouldn't either!" William counters.

“I only care that he pays me,” Cale sighed. “Alright, it’s for the job, so why the hell not. I’m gonna warn you though, suits just don’t look good on me.”

"Oh, I'm positive that I can find something that suits you."

Once inside the store Cale seemed to fill with double the amount of dread he had felt in the limo desperately trying to keep his gaze on William’s shoes to follow him. “This is a really bad idea.”

William pulled Cale along the recesses of the store, occasionally stopping to look at different outfits. He grabbed four separate suits: a navy blue one; a khaki one; a dark blue flannel patterned one, and a blue suit with an accessory chain.

"Here, go try these on. I'll be out here if you need help getting them on," the demon says as he hands the suits to Cale.

"I think I'm old enough to dress myself," Cale muttered out as he disappeared into the changing cubicle with the suits. For a few minutes he was quiet before he quietly called out from behind the door. "Richard?"

"Yes Benji?" 'Old enough to dress myself' he says. Yeah right! William thought as he entered the dressing room.

"I don't know how to tie a tie," the man muttered embarrassed as the demon entered. A tie hanging limply in his hand.

"I don't know how to tie a tie," the man muttered embarrassed as the demon entered. A tie hanging limply in his hand.

"I thought that you knew how to dress yourself," William teases as he carefully wraps the tie around Cale's neck, looping it over itself until a windsor knot is formed. He adjusts it before stepping back. "There."

"In my defense the bowtie was a clip on," Cale pointed out keeping his eyes on anything but the demon practically tying a knot around his throat. Once he finished he turned to the mirror to inspect it. "Well, you know more about this stuff than I do. How do I look?"

"Come here," the demon demands, and pulls a tube of hair gel from his pocket. He puts some cool, sticky substance on his palm, and runs it through the human's hair. "That's better. Khaki doesn't look half that bad on you, but you should still try the other ones on."

Cale shuddered with unease as the man combed product through his hair. "I don't know what you put in my hair, but I don't like it." Looking back at the other suits a small pout formed on the man's face. "I have to try on all of these?"

"Yes, you do," William grinned, sensing the human's discomfort.

A small groan escaped the man as he once again disappeared into the changing cubicle.

"Hi handsome. May I help you find something?" someone asked William.

"No, thank you. I'm just waiting on my husband."

"Oh…. Have a nice day then, sir!"

"Dear," Cale called out mockingly. "Could you give me a hand?"

"Of course, darling!"

"I wasn't paying attention the first time you did it," Cale admitted holding out the tie that went with the navy suit sheepishly.

"It even took me a few times of watching and trying before I got it down," he responds, cinching the knot. "So don't worry if you can't get it."

"Thank you," Cale uttered in astonishment before grinning. "Who knew a demon could be so sweet," he teased.

"Dumbass," the demon mutters as he steps away to look at the human. William's gaze lingers over Cale's body, examining the fit of the suit. "This one is… adequate. Two down, two more to go!" the demon smiles.

"I still don't see what the big deal is," Cale muttered, turning to see the demon' s gaze was still on him. "See you're taking after George."

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean, you imponant little piece of pond scum?" William angrily questions, pushing Cale up against the wall of the cubicle. His eyes had glazed over black, glaring into Cale's pale green eyes.

The initial contact startled him, causing a brief expression of fear before he replaced it with a smug grin. "Relax, tiger. I'm just calling you a pervert," he chuckled.

William continued to hold the frightened man, staring him down. Slowly, gently, the demon lowered him, placing Cale back on the ground.

"That I am, lover-boy!" William responds, eyes going back to their humanoid color as he exits. "Hurry up and try the last two on."

Looking back in the mirror Cale gently rubbed the spot William had touched before stripping himself of the clothing. For the first time in a while he examined his body in the mirror, running a hand across the deep gash in his chest to several smaller ones across his body. Scars are normal for hunters. Everyone had a scar of sorts with some story, but he had yet to see anyone with ones like the three jagged cuts on his back. I shouldn't have done that. Quietly Cale slipped into the next suit, struggling with the tie before managing a semi-decent knot, and stepping out for William's judgement.

William sat in a chair, speaking to one of the employees when Cale stepped out. He sat in silent condemnation, giving the human a look over. "The color of the suit is nice, but now that I see it on someone, the pattern is utterly atrocious!"

"I didn't think it was so bad," Cale mumbled.

"At least you managed to kinda get the tie right this time," the demon says as he fixes it, making it a little tighter than what it needs to be without actually choking Cale.

Cale grimaced at the action, turning his head away to swallow the lump in his throat. "I think we should go now. Just pick whichever one you liked best."

"But you only have one more to try on, sweety. Please, try it on," the demon pleads.

Sighing Cale relaxes slightly. "One more, okay?"

"Yep." So far two out of the four look pretty decent.

Disappearing into the cubicle Cale attempted to change as quickly as possible, thoroughly exhausted with the whole ordeal and ready to leave. He didn't even bother to attempt tying the tie, instead leaving it loose around his neck as he stepped out. "Happy?"

"For the love of…." William sighs, and ties the tie for his 'husband'. "There…. The chains are an exquisite touch! We're gonna purchase all but the flannel patterned one!"

"Does that mean we can go," Cale asked tiredly, a small rumble sounded from his stomach. Oh, yeah. I still haven't ate anything.

William waited as patiently as he possibly could for Cale to change his clothes yet again, tapping his foot impatiently. Together they paid for the expensive fancy clothing using one of George's credit cards, and got back into the limousine.

After a heavy moment of silence Cale sighed deeply. "I'm sorry for what I said back there," he started hesitantly. "What I said was wrong. You're a pervert… but you're nothing like George. It was a joke in poor taste on my part."

"And you'd do well to fucking remember that…," William states, still sounding a little aggravated. He sighs and knocks on the partition. "Lenny, find us a restaurant to eat at; Benjamin's picking."

"I don't feel like eating now," Cale stated firmly. "Let's just go to the hotel and sleep."

"That sounds even better, you gorgeous man, you!" William says while gently pinching Cale's nose.

Gently pushing William's hand away Cale leaned into the window. "When I say sleep I actually mean sleep."

"Okay, we'll just cuddle then," the demon smirks. "To the hotel!"

"You're so double-sided," Cale mumbled more to himself. Maybe I should have taken that other offer.

Lenny happily obliges, and starts to worm the limo through traffic, down roads, and highways until he pulls the limo up in front of Aurora Borealis. He gets out, and goes to open the door for the couple. A scarlet red carpet acts as a walkway to the doors, and it’s lined with velvet ropes. People stand on the other side of the ropes. Among them are news crews and paparazzi.

“Wow, swanky,” William says. Cale is helped out of the limo by Lenny, and then William gets out. Flashes from cameras start instantly, and people start yelling at them.

“This is the last time I agree to this,” Cale muttered under his breath. “What are all these people even doing here?

"Paparazzi," William states, smiling for the cameras. "There's famous people at this thing!" the demon responds to Cale's question. He took his time walking the red carpet, a wide smile spread across his face, clearly enjoying all of the attention. A woman reached out to him. He was at first unsure of what to do.

“Would you sign this for me? Please?” The woman begged. She held out a little book. William took it from her, and neatly, yet elegantly wrote Richard Walters. He went to hand the book back, but the woman pulled him into her for a kiss. A photographer quickly snapped a picture of the kiss.

“I’m sorry, miss, but I’m married!” He says. She holds him close to her.

“Be careful in there, William. Everything is not as it seems.” She says. William’s eyes go wide.

“How do you know of that name?”
“I shall have to explain things later, William. All I can say is that I’m a… friend of sorts with George. Cale has no idea of who I am, so don’t bother asking her about me…. William, be wary of Burma Waller.” She says, and lets him go. He stands there, confused as to what happened. He now quickly walks up to the doors to where Cale waits for him.

“Did you enjoy it!?” Cale snaps, meaning all the attention.

“No I didn’t, love. You know that my lips are meant for only one, and that’s you!” He says with a loving look on his face, looking at him. The people around them go ‘awe’. Cale glares at him.

“Can we just go to our room?” he asks. William wraps one of his arms around one of his, and grabs his hand.

“Of course.” He says while pulling him along. They go up to the desk to see the bellhop. He has long black hair pulled into a ponytail underneath his hat. He wears a little nameplate reading MICHAEL.

“How can I help you two?” He asks, smiling.

“We’d like a room, please.”


“Richard and Benjamin Walters.”

“Oh! Alright.” He says, and turns around. He pulls out a small book looking thing, and hands it to William. “Here you go, Mr and Mr Walters. When Mrs Waller heard that you were coming, she requested that we give you the penthouse suite; here’s your key card. Just slide it through the reader, and you’ll be let in. It also doubles as your money during the duration of your stay here at the Waldorf. Enjoy your stay!” Michael says.

“No, thank you.” William says. Together, William and Cale walk up to the penthouse, for the elevator was out of commission. Cale opens the door to the penthouse.

“You first.” William says as he walks into the penthouse. “Something’s going on,” the demon tells the human after they’re in the suite, and have the door closed. Cale nods as he looks around the whole suite.

“Well, I’m a hunter, and you’re a demon, and we’ve been contracted into a very illegal job, so things are bound to be odd,” Cale agreed as he did a thorough check of the room, setting down various charms and protections.

William opened a bottle of wine, poured a glass, and sat down to watch a gory horror movie on TV while Cale hung wards around the room.

What was with that bitch of a woman? Why didn’t George say anything about her? Who is she? William thought. What the woman had told him had made him just a bit nervous, yet he knew that it wasn’t anything that he couldn’t handle. He tried to not let it show, but his nervousness showed in his eyes.

“When’s this thing we have to attend anyways,” Cale sighed finishing his search of the room. “We should be focused on this Burma woman and how we’re gonna off her. She’s just a human so it should be easy. Once we get her away from crowds.”

"I don't know…."

Leaning against the windowsill of their room, Cale stared out across the city skyline. As he did so he felt a buzz from his pocket alerting him of a new message.

‘Come outside. Under *The Wild Goose sign. Come as Cale.’* He didn’t recognize the number.

Cale glanced back at William before looking back at his phone again, rereading the message. “Hey, Will. I just remembered. There’s something I need to get.”

“Go ahead. Why the fuck would I care what you do?” the demon snaps, still bothered by the unknown female.

“Alright then. Bye.” Before leaving Cale took the time to change into a baggy hoodie, pulling up the hood to obscure his face before removing his fake ID and leaving it on the bathroom counter. Keeping his head low he exited the room and made his way through the lobby to the bar across the street. A sign hung overhead reading ‘The Wild Goose,’ but there was no one in sight that Cale could see.

“Glad to see you’re as predictable as I remembered,” a voice said behind him. Cale turned, and immediately frowned at who he saw.

“Chance,” he greeted coldly as the man came closer, smiling nervously at Cale. “What do you want?”

“I’m here to apologize,” Chance started. “I’m sorry for butting my way into your personal matters, and I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I was working for George and possibly spying on you. I want to be friends again.”

“Are you going to keep meddling in my personal affairs?” Cale crossed his arms over his chest.


Cale grinned before opening his arms and accepting Chance in a hug. “I shouldn’t have started that stupid fight.”

“Bygones,” Chance chuckled separating from Cale. “Let’s go eat.”

“How do you know I’m hungry,” Cale challenged him before a loud rumble escaped his stomach.

Chance laughed. “Cale, you’re always hungry. Come on let's go.”

A few minutes later the two were inside the bar, seated at the booth each with a shot glass staring the other down. A couple of employees watched in confusion and disgust as the two counted down before swallowing their drinks. They struggled to swallow, gasping and choking afterwards before bursting into laughter.

“I swear, I’m going to kill you for coming up with this stupid ass challenge,” Chance warned before gulping down a glass of water.

“Hot sauce and tequila. Hey, I could have come up with something worse.”

“I don’t doubt it,” Chance sputtered.

“So whatcha doing here,” Cale asked. “Can’t be coincidence.”

“I was worried about you,” Chance admitted. “And your sister was worried, so I came to check on you. Especially since you’re staying with,” the man cleared his throat, “you know.”

“I know, Lucy doesn’t like it,” Cale sighed. “But I’ll be able to pay for her schooling this way, and we won't have to stress over money so much.”

“Still, you’re putting yourself in a dangerous situation, and working yourself to death.” Chance watched as their food arrived. Cale thanked the server, and began to dig into his plate the moment she was gone. “Seriously. Where do you put it all? You’re thin as a rail.”

“Am not,” Cale grumbled between mouthfuls of food. “You and Lucy worry too much.”

“Someone has to,” Chance pointed out smiling before starting on his own meal. For a while the two focused on eating. Cale finished first and waited for Chance to eat eyeing his breadstick, before the man noticed and pushed it onto his plate.

“Eat up.” Not long after the two finished and made their way outside, laughing and joking as they did. “Seriously, what is up with the dude, hiring all these people, and making contracts for this list? How is any of this worth it?”

“As long as he pays me I’m not asking,” Cale laughed. “Besides, from what I understand he deserves whatever happens to him after his contracts up.”

“Do you know what’ll happen,” Chance asked a bit more tense.

“From what I know, it differs depending on the person and who they made their deal with," Cale shrugged.

“So you don’t know.”

“No. I can’t say I want to find out either,” Cale admits. “I need you to stop worrying about me. I could get ran over by a car walking back to the hotel tonight. I could be assassinated tomorrow. Will might even decide to rip my head off. Who knows! What I know is I wanna have fun, and that ain’t happening with you hanging over my shoulder crying for me all the time, so have fun with me, and be my friend again. OK?” Cale asked exhausted.

Chance stared him down, obviously concerned but pushed it down. “I’m still gonna look out for your ass,” he pointed out. “But deal. I won’t be such a nag.”

"Where the hell have you been?" William asks, coming outside wearing dark blue pajama bottoms and nothing else. His eyes land on Chance and a smirk appears. "You weren't out cheating on me, were you?"

“You have heard of common decency, right,” Chance asked disturbed.

“Don’t, you’ll only encourage him,” Cale warned and the two chuckled.

"So the pond scum can speak; delightful!" William says sarcastically, rolling his eyes.

“Oh, he’s a treat to deal with,” Chance retorted. “Bet you’re loving the whole couple cover.”

“Let’s just say I can’t wait to see how our future children turn out.” Cale rolled his eyes. “This is the last time I agree to a cover like this.”

“Yeah, I wasn’t happy about it either, but it was the only way I could get both of you close enough to the target,” Chance sighed. “Try not to start a lovers quarrel and ruin your reputation, ok? If you do though, make it good.”

"You'd like that, wouldn't you, you pathetic piece of shit!"

“You mean would I like to see my friend deck you across the face? Yes I would, but I also know that would probably land him in the hospital. Please don’t fight him,” Chance pleaded.

“I’m not gonna fight him,” Cale rolled his eyes.

"He came close during our sparring match; I had to see if he was capable of fighting," William remarks, turning around to go back into the hotel. "Next time don't go drinking without me!"

“I wasn’t drinking,” Cale pointed out. “Well, I had one, but it doesn’t count.

“Not too late to change that,” Chance offered.

William turned back around, light from the street lights reflecting off of his ebony eyeballs. "A hospital trip could indeed be arranged, but not for him…. For you!" the demon threatens, pointing at Chance.

“Awe, someone’s jealous,” Chance teased. “ You won’t do that. I’m on George’s ‘no harm list’.”

"Ah yes, the 'no fatally injuring of coworkers' clause," William spits. "The old perv sure knows how to ruin a demon's fun, I'll give him that!"

“Speaking of fun, are we going drinking, or not, Caley?”

“Why the hell not,” Cale shrugged.

"You two dick gobblers have fun with that. I have an unknown bitch to worry about!" William snaps, returning to the hotel. A few hours later Cale snuck his way back in, overly giggly, before falling onto the bed and passing out.

That hangover is gonna be fun, the demon thought as he watched the human collapse in it's drunken stupor. Cale rolled over a couple of times, somehow managing to rid himself of his clothes before curling up on the bed naked. William shifted in his seat uncomfortably as he saw Cale sleeping in the buff.

Standing, he covers the other male's nakedness with a blanket, curls up under a sheet next to him, and spoons the unconscious man as he himself falls asleep. During the night the demon wakes, too warm to sleep. He discards his own clothing, and crawls beneath the comforter. Pulling Cale's sleeping body closer, he drifts back into unconsciousness.

  • George sets the magazine down and tells them that their next target is Burma Waller
  • George says that Chance told him that she’s in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and adds that she’s an ordinary human being

  • George tells William and Cale that she owns the Aurora Borealis, a nightclub that’s part of the Waldorf hotel, and warns them that celebrities and media will be there

  • Will asks why they have to “‘be careful’”, not understating the warning

  • Cale tells him that because there’s more people around that it could increase the likelihood of them getting caught

  • William tells George that Cale admitted to finding William attractive, and George kicks Cale out

  • Cale leaves

  • William threatens to break George’s arm if he calls Cale by a derogatory term again, and hints at what’s awaiting George in Hell before going to find Cale

  • William tells Cale that George wasn’t done telling them about the job

  • William tells Cale what happens to homophobes in Hell and that he threatened George

*They go back inside where George hands them fake IDs.

  • The IDs are for a married couple named Richard and Benjamin Walters and reminds them to be careful after telling them about their covers.

  • William points out that he could easily kill everyone.

  • Cale reluctantly goes along with the plan.

  • George lets William know that they have to fly to the target’s location this time around, and that he can’t take any weaponry with him.

  • William tells George to fuck off

  • Cale tells Will not to cause a scene

  • Will makes a pair of rings appear on his and Cale’s fingers

  • Will playfully smacks Cale’s butt saying "I can think of a few scenes that I'd like to cause"

  • George is made uncomfortable by the scene and verbalizes his disgust

  • Cale points out that Will’s a demon and that George should expect things like that to happen, but is also amused by George’s discomfort

  • George tells them to get going, annoyed with the two

@SupernaturalSyGuyIsTIred group

When Cale awoke the next morning he was very confused and had trouble convincing himself of two things. The first being he had not just dreamt of his demonic partner touching him in such a gentle manner. The second being that said demon was currently spooning him.

"Morning," the demon greets, his arm still wrapped around the human.

Screeching loudly the human leapt out of bed trying to cover himself. “What are you doing!”

"Keeping up appearances…. It would look weird if someone walked in and we weren't in bed together," William states. Though that bodily contact was enjoyable.

“Nobody can get into this room, but us,” Cale reminded him as he started to once more regret his drinking habit. “You had no right!”

"You can say that you didn't like having this," the demon starts, slowly tracing his muscular torso with one of his hands. "Pressed up against you all you want, Cale; your body is telling me otherwise."

“I already admitted you’re attractive! Still doesn’t mean I want you up against me like that,” Cale huffed as he started to search for clothes. William sighs and snaps his fingers, causing clothing to magically materialize upon their bed.

"With how intoxicated you were last night you were never gonna find your clothes."

“Well excuse me for needing a drink after how embarrassing you were last night,” Cale sighed running a hand through his hair.

"I embarrassed you? How?" William asks, sitting down on the disheveled bed.

“How about when you very loudly proclaimed us lovers?”

"On the carpet? I was just trying to keep our cover intact after whoever that woman was kissed me!"

“I’m talking about earlier outside the bar, idiot,” Cale rolled his eyes. “I don’t give a shit what you call me when I’m playing ‘Benjamin’.”

"That was embarrassing to you?" the demon asks, smirking with a raised eyebrow before laughing.

“Not that I expect a creature like you to understand something like decency,” Cale grumbled, becoming more irate.

Noticing something sticking out from under the door, William gracefully picks it up.

"Good thing I helped you pick out some suits; we've been invited to some sort of dinner banquet or something."

"Please tell me its later,” Cale grimaced as he looked at the clock on the bedside table. He had slept well past noon. “I am not ready for pants yet… let alone a stupid suit.”

"Oh, come on, buddy boy, you look nice in those suits."

A faint blush tinged Cale’s cheeks as he diverted eye contact. “Doesn’t make me enjoy it any more,” he mumbled, much quieter.

"Now, as for not quite being ready for pants at the moment, is it because you have a raging hard on right now?" William asks, a small smile playing upon his lush, full lips. "Your length and width is…. Well, let's just say that you can clearly please a guy or two with that thing."

“Do you know when to shut up,” Cale snapped, blushing darker before rushing to lock himself in the bathroom. “I’m putting up a barrier so don’t even think of coming in here!”

I could easily break your wards if I wanted to, William mused, smirking at the thought of breaking into the bathroom. But I have to keep up appearances.

Cale remained quiet in the bathroom for the next couple hours, not willing to come out. “So, what time is this thing we have to go to,” he finally called out.

"It says that it's not until later this evening. Says that there's a special surprise in store for all of the guests," he answers, curling back up under the covers.

“Special surprise? What kind of event is this supposed to be,” Cale muttered annoyed staring blankly at the ceiling. He was starting to regret forgetting to bring his phone with him. “I hate rich people.”

"Some kind of fundraiser or something for Leukemia," William answers, climbing out of the bed in favor of the hot tub, which he enters naked. "Ahhhh, that's lovely!"

“You’d better not have a hooker in here,” Cale warned.

"And why would I need a whore when I have your fabulous backside to stare at, hmm?"

“Ignoring that comment!”

"Your just saying that because you can't admit to yourself that you like it!" the demon counters.

“Keep telling yourself that,” Cale grumbled. “I’m coming out, but only so I can get some clothes!”

Oh, a show, William thought as he carefully watched the human. He really does have a nice body. He thinks, and quickly waves the thought away. He positions himself over some of the jet nozzles, allowing the force of the water coming through them to massage his body.

That actually looks nice. Cale thought to himself, glancing over at the hot tub as he gathered some baggy clothes.

"We have more than a few hours until the dinner, so we might as well enjoy what this suite has to offer," William states, silently hoping that Cale would get in.

Cale glanced at the tub once more before signing and dropping his clothes. “Try anything and you’ll lose your hands.” He warned easing his way into the tub, sighing as he sunk into the water.

"I wasn't going to 'try anything'," William states, smiling with relaxation when the jet hits his back. "Just sit back and relax, man."

“Relaxing isn’t exactly my specialty,” Cale reminded him as he leaned back into a jet. “Murder and helping cover up murder is my specialty.”

"You don't know how to relax because you don't have the ability to do so. Now, since we're on the subject, how do we plan on killing this Waller woman? Are we just gonna continue to make things up as we have been?" the demon inquires, sitting back with his eyes closed.

"No, Waller is a high profile woman. We can't afford to screw this one up in any way," Cale adjusted in the water, his muscles becoming less tense. "I already have doubts about how well our cover will hold up," he admitted.

"Why's that?"

A short laugh escaped Cale. “Because you’re a demon? No offense, but I expect you to know less about being a loving and faithful husband than old Georgey. Unless we’re going for that ‘we got married and now we hate each other’ angle, which would actually make more sense.”

"You'd be surprised with what I can do, human," the demon replies in a simple manner before sinking beneath the water.

“It’s not your ‘skills’ I’m concerned with,” the man pointed out eyeing the water cautiously.

That's not quite what I was referring to, William thought as he resurfaced. "I can play sweet and charming, Cale."

“Listen, either way, we need some ground rules before we go out there so we’re on the same page,” Cale leaned against the edge of the tub. “You’re the demon. What's our angle?”

"My angle?"

“You know what I mean,” Cale grumbled flicking water at him. “I’m doing this to avoid something nasty later. Going with your whims for now will be much easier than dealing with one of your demonic tantrums later.” The man sighed.

"I'm… not sure that I know what you mean," William says, his brow furrowed in confusion.

“What kind of couple do you want to pretend to be? The kind that hates each other or the kind that loves each other,” Cale simplified.

"I don't know. You decide." Though it would be fun to play sweet and romantic with him, especially since it would embarrass him. "Actually, given some thought, lets go with the latter," the demon utters.

“You want to play lovey dovey?” Cale scoffed. “Alright, just don’t fuck it up for us, okay? George will literally kill me if anything goes wrong.”

"He'd actually have me kill kill you, but yeah, I understand.”

Cale shuddered remembering certain actions William took after his kills. “Yeah. exactly my point.” The man sighed once more trying to relax in the water. One thing’s for sure. I am definitely not enjoying myself this hunt.

William stood up in front of Cale, his genitalia hanging out in full view. Exiting the hot tub, he saunters over to the minibar, and grabs some fine whiskey.

"You want anything? Room service maybe?"

“No, thanks, I think I’ll stay sober for a while,” Cale muttered weakly hiding his flushed face.

"You sure you don't want anything from room service? I know that 'we' need to eat," he says as he grabs the phone. "You feeling alright? You look a little red. Maybe you should step out of the jacuzzi for a bit and cool off."

“I’m fine in here. I’ll get something to eat later, so just do whatever you want for now,” Cale stuttered refusing to meet the demon’s eyes.

"Whatever I want? Okay then," William states happily. He quickly and easily downs three glasses of whiskey, eyes the pool, and dives in. The cool water washes over his body, sending momentary shockwave through his nervous system. "I've always wanted to go skinny dipping!"

“It’s more fun in a pond if you ask me,” Cale snorted. “Back when I was in school me and this quarterback used to go out to this pond. Nearly got shot for it too.”

"What's a quarterback?" the demon asks. "Please tell me there's more to this story!"

“It’s a position in football.” Cale laughed. “I didn’t care for the sport, and he was a dick, but worth it in the end. Turned out the pond was owned by a farmer, and he heard us fooling around one night and came out with a shotgun. I lost my favorite shirt that night.”

"I take it that this 'quarterback' had a great set of equipment, then," the demon grinned. "How else could he have been 'worth it'?"

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” the man rolled his eyes. “If you have to know, he was one of the few guys I knew who was gay.”

"What you said was all I needed to know that the guy was hung," the male demon laughed.

Cale rolled his eyes in annoyance. "Whatever. Like you have any right to judge after fucking that flight attendant."

"Not my fault that she wanted to take a ride on the W-plane!"

"Please, she only took that ride cause she thinks you're famous." Cale jabbed.

"Is that jealousy that I'm detecting?" William teases. "You could've joined us if you wanted to, you know."

“And like I’ve said a million times now, I wasn’t,” Cale huffed.

"Oh, I get it now, you wanted me all to your bad self!" the demon fires back. "Well, we're alone now."

“Yeah, now if only we could do something about that horrible personality of yours,” Cale teased grinning. “Not happening buddy.”

Water from the hot tub shot up into Cale's face. "I can fling water too, Cabbage-boy!"

“Cabbage boy,” Cale sputtered in astonishment wiping water from his face. “You are shit at insults, loverboy.”

"Awe, you're so sweet, shnookums!" William replies sarcastically, rolling his eyes in response. "How'd you get your scars? I take it some of them are from hunting."

The comment seemed to make Cale tense as one of his hands came up to cover the scars over his heart. “Most of them. A lot were just dumb decisions.”

"Millenias of torture in Hell for mine…. Tell me how you got some of them."

“Only if you don’t tell my sister,” Cale warned. “She’d lock me in the shed if she saw half of these.” Hesitantly he gestured to a long gash on his arm. “This one I got from a skinwalker. I wasn’t very experienced, and almost lost my head. I got this,” Cale lifted his leg showing his calf revealing three long gashes, “When we were sneak attacked by a werewolf. My personal favorite,” Cale pointed at a small entry wound on his bicep grinning. “Accidentally shot by a cop.”

"Ok, that's a story that I must hear!" William announces while floating on his back.

“I agreed to help him with this problem involving some sort of ghost. He was convinced that someone was breaking into his house just to mess with him, though. I thought it would be funny to scare him one last time after I got rid of the problem. Only I didn’t realize he was packing,” Cale snorted. “The look on his face when he realized it was me, was priceless. Almost worth getting shot just to see him pissing himself.”

"How deliciously malicious of you!" William laughed. "You know, for a human, you're not so bad."

“I dunno, I’m the one who got shot in that situation,” Cale pointed out rubbing the back of his neck. You have no idea what I get up to.

Climbing out of the pool, William walks over to the telephone and picks it up. "I'm ordering room service. We probably should to keep up pretences."

“Good idea,” Cale muttered, now rubbing the old scars over his chest with a pained expression.

William gives him a look of concern as he orders a large pizza for them. Why am I acting like this towards him? He's a lowly piece of pond scum, and I'm a demon; I shouldn't give two shits about him!

“I’m gonna go shower and change,” Cale muttered quietly as he stood from the tub, no longer caring to cover himself as he made his way to the bathroom once more.

"I'll wait out here for the food to come." William says, watching the nude human return to the bathroom while pouring himself a glass of bourbon. Not even half an hour later Cale was finished, coming out of the bathroom looking much more refreshed despite a bit of redness lingering around his eyes wearing a simple tee and boxer shorts. His hair and eyes were back to the much darker brown shade of his assumed role, Benjamin, suggesting he had his ID somewhere on his person.

"There's my handsome hubby!" William says, now wearing a white thong covered with a heart in the front.

“What the fuck are you wearing,” Cale groaned refusing to look at William as he sat down.

"It's a thong, love; I bought it just for you!" the demon proclaims, parading around. Also to prove a point.

“Well, sorry, honeybuns, but I’m just not in the mood,” Cale sighed turning on the tv.

A knock sounded upon the door, causing the human and the demon to look at it.

"Room service," a feminine voice called out. William, who now had brown hair and vibrant sky blue eyes with a stubble covered chin, approached the door, money in hand and answered it.

"He-here's your pizza, Mr. Walters," the woman stammers, her face turning a bright hue of red.

"Thanks!" William says with a grin, takes the pizza, and pays her before closing the door.

"I'm impressed," Cale snorted leaning back against the bed. "You didn't try to fuck this one."

"Well, we are married to each other!" William states. "Besides that, she wasn't that attractive looking."

“So if she was you would’ve ‘cheated’ on me again?” Cale smirked.

"Even if she was, I wouldn't have, sweety," William says as he gently pats the man's cheek. Seeing her reaction to seeing me in a thong was fun though!

Cale grumbled, face going red. “You can knock it off now. I doubt anyone’s near the door listening.”

William striped out of the thong, obviously not caring about modesty. "We have another two hours until that ball or whatever it is. I'm going to take my own shower now."

“Good idea. I can still smell that shitty perfume on you,” Cale teased closing his eyes. “Wake me when it’s time to get ready.”

"And you say that you're not jealous!" William says as he walks towards the bathroom. He stops midway, and looks at Cale. "Did you take your warding down?" That would've blown my secret.

“Never put it up,” Cale grumbled in response.

William stood and glared at the human for a moment before continuing his short venture to the bathroom. When the demon exited his human companion was fast asleep, shirt hem hiked up exposing a small portion of his stomach. Noticing the exposed tummy, the demon, now wearing a pair of black boxers covered in minute red skulls, approaches the slumbering male. Smirking he tickles the spot of bare flesh. Snorting in his sleep Cale grumbles something ineligible as he attempts to swat the offending hand away. William chuckles at the response, and presses his attack of tickling. Cale grumbled more, rolling onto his side in his sleep, muscles tensing as he chuckled in his semi conscious state.

He makes tormenting him far too easy, but it's still amusing! the demon thought as he resumed tickling the man, smiling at how he squirms in his feeble attempt to fight back.

Despite the demon’s actions the man hadn’t woken completely, a small smile twisting his face as he mumbled quietly. “Knock it off, Harry…”

"Harry?" William whispers in astonishment, his fingers hovering just above Cale. Something tells me that this 'Harry' might be part of this amoeba's past, the demon thought, already formulating a plan to bring this new piece up. "Wakey wakey Caley!"

“No,” Cale whined, attempting to grab the sheets beneath him and pull them over his head. “Tired.”

"Do you want a repeat of how I woke you back in Italy?" the demon threatened, one hand resting on his hip. The man shuddered at the contact, reflexively leaning into William’s touch.

"Evidently that's a 'yes'," he says as the bed begins to levitate and slowly turn to dump the human out. Cale screeched as he was tossed out of the bed. When the bed was back in place he pulled himself up just high enough to glare at the demon.

"You can't say that I didn't warn you!" William states. "Get dressed, we have a banquet to go to."

Grumbling Cale fell back onto the floor. “Gimme a minute.”

Snapping his fingers, 'Richard's' minimally scared body is covered in a plain black and light gray suit. His hair remained in a tousled fashion, waiting for what it's master wanted to do with it. William eyed his watch, noting that the banquet was to start in thirty minutes.

Cale took his time washing his face and putting on his suit, rather loosely. He hardly bothered with his hair, only going as far as to make sure it wasn’t tangled. “Ready?”

"Just about," William responds, coming his hair so that it parts on the left. He gives a cursory look to Cale in the mirror. "I probably should have helped you get dressed…."

“I can dress myself just fine, pervert,” Cale scoffed.

"You currently look like a prepubescent adolescent that's going to their first dance, Cale; you clearly need assistance," the demon states, stepping towards the human to correct the mistakes.

Cale tensed as the demon approached him, but made no movements to stop him as his face flushed. “Well, technically you’re not wrong.”

William raises an eyebrow at the statement while tucking Cale's shirt into his dress-pants. "That you're a prepubescent adolescent?" he teases, now going to work on the human's hair.

“Idiot,” Cale mumbled under his breath jerking at William’s actions. “This is the first event I’ve gone to that requires a suit.” The man snorted. “And I’m not even really supposed to be there. Ironic.”

"I'm not supposed to be here either, yet here we are!" William points out. He swats Cale over the head. "Hold still, damn it!"

“I was!” Cale snapped, face still flushed. “Why are you so fussy about my hair?”

"Because it should actually look nice, not like a bird-nest," William answers as he finally settles the hairstyle. He quickly adjusts the tie, steps back, and lets out a whistle. "Heeeello studmuffin! Richard's one lucky bastard to be married to that!"

The blush on Cale's face grew darker as he averted his gaze to the floor. "Don't burn yourself out being nice before we actually get there."

"I was simply stating a fact."

Cale stiffened at the remark. “Really?”

The demon smiles and nods as a response to the question before checking himself out in the mirror yet again. "Hmm. Perhaps I should wear a brighter tie. Orange, light pink maybe?" He turns to Cale to see what the human thinks.

“Orange? I dunno, man. I still can’t tie one of these things,” Cale grumbled fidgeting with his own tie. “Is it really supposed to be this tight? I feel like I’m choking.”

"There's a reason why I sometimes refer to them as 'mini nooses'," William responds, comparing the contrast with his now vibrant sky blue eyes. "Orange it is! You can loosen it a little bit so that your a little more comfortable."

“Thank god,” Cale sighed, loosening the tie maybe a little too much. “What is it with people and ties anyway? I don’t see what the big deal is with ‘em.”

"They look better than those awful bow ties!" the demon jabs with a smirk.

“Can we drop the whole bowtie thing,” Cale mumbled in embarrassment.

Too easy! William grins in amusement. "Well, Mr. Walters, you ready for whatever this thing is?"

“If I have to be, dear.” Cale sighed before grinning. “This is going to be a trainwreck.”
"Let's get this show on the road!" the demon says, slightly retightening Cale's tie before grabbing his hand and pulling him out the door. William spots the woman that had kissed him and warned him. Her hair was now blonde, and she was wearing a maids uniform. “I saw the woman again; apparently she has wigs or something. She’s pretending to be one of the hotel staff right now," he tells Cale in a hushed voice, even though they are the only ones in the hall.

The man raised an eyebrow at him. “Well, whatever she’s doing here, she’s not very good at hiding herself apparently. Keep an eye out for her, and let me know if she does anything else funny.” Cale gripped William’s hand slightly tighter. “Now, let’s get moving.”

Together, hand in hand, they make their way to the banquet hall where a massive crowd of people amble about, mingling and interacting with one another. The man made sure to keep behind the demon, cautiously avoiding anyone’s eyes.

“I’ll never understand the point to these,” he whispered quietly.

"People like to party, that's why. Though, this is pretty boring so far."

“We clearly have different definitions for what ‘parties’.” Cale grumbled. “At least it's not crazy loud.”

"Oh, sweetie, you don't want to know what my idea of a party is!"

Cale snorted. “I dunno, I might take it over this.”

The bouncer, Horace, stops their advancement. “Sorry, but if your name ain’t on the list, you can’t go in.”

William steps forward. “We’re Richard and Benjamin Walters," he says. The bouncer starts flipping through the names on his list until he finds them.

“Picture ID?” the bouncer asks. William pulls out his ID, and shows it to him. Horace looks at William’s ID, and then at William. “You’re clear to go, Mr. Walters. Head on in.” William does just that, and then turns around to wait for Cale.

“And now yours, sir.” Horace says.

“He’s with me," William grunts, slightly aggravated.

“I still need to look at his ID.”

“And he’s my husband! Does that mean nothing to you?”

“I’m sorry sir, but it’s policy to check everyone’s IDs.”

“Fine; then do your damn job!” William snaps in a hushed tone.

“Stop being so difficult. He’s only doing his job,” Cale scoffed showing the bouncer his id. “I’m sorry about him.”

"No worries, Mr. Walters; this kind of thing happens quite a bit," Horace says, running a hand through his long curly blond hair. "You’re good to go; sorry ‘bout the holdup. I hope you two have a wonderful time.”

"Well, I am," Cale hummed to himself as he followed William inside, sneaking one last glance at the muscular bouncer.

Well, I guess we just wander around, William thought. He starts to walk around, lacing arms with Cale as they listen into the conversations going on in the dining hall.

"Which one is she," Cale whispered in William's ear.

"I don't know. For some reason your guy-friend didn't include a photo of her. Pretty incompetent if you ask me, but oh well. She'll probably make herself known to us," he whispers back.

"Chance," Cale emphasized his name, "Probably figured she would. He's also most likely here too."

Great, someone sticking their nose in my business, making sure that I'm doing what the old coot wants, William thought to himself.

“Why so tense all of a sudden,” Cale teased gripping the demon’s hand tighter. “Relax, sweetie. We’re at a party after all.”

"I have just the idea for that, Benny," William says as he pulls his 'husband' out onto the dance floor. Taking lead he guides them in a sensual ballroom dance, gliding across the floor.

“Slow down there, Romeo,” Cale whispered. “I’m not much of a dancer.”

"There's time for you to learn, dearie."

Cale smiled lightly before glancing around the room, searching for any recognisable faces. “If Chance is here, he’s making himself scarce,” he whispered lightly.

William smiled back as he directed Cale in their dance. "I'm sure he is, hun," he says while looking around. "Watching from the shadows."

“I take it you don’t like him,” Cale guessed, keeping up their idle chit chat as he continued to sneak glances around the room. “Don’t tell me you’re jealous,” he added mockingly.

"Pfft, as if!" the demon scoffs. "I'm far too handsome for you to leave me for someone else."

“Handsome,” Cale’s eyes trailed down his body. “Very. Charm however, you are lacking tonight, dear. Might want to step it up a bit if you don’t want someone else to try sweeping me off my feet.”

Someone tapped William on the shoulder, causing the demon disguised as a human to take his attention off of Cale. "I'm sorry to interrupt, but I couldn't help but notice that you, sir, are an excellent dancer. May I step in?" a woman with sharp high cheekbones, cold dark eyes, and blonde hair done up in a braided bun said.

"I'm sorry, but I'm dancing with my sweetheart, right now, Miss."

"Oh, I see," she says, and turns to Cale. "Would it be alright with you if I stole your husband for a dance or two?"

“I’m more than certain I could trust him to behave himself,” Cale mused locking eyes with the taller man. Remember why we’re here.

"Thank you very much," she says and reaches out to William. "I'll return him to you shortly."

"Benjamin, my sugarbee, why don't you go get yourself a drink while I entertain Ms…. I'm sorry, but we never did get your name, ma'am."

"Burma Waller. A pleasure to meet you two gentleman!" she beams.

"Ah, our ever gracious hostess!" William exclaims, smiling wide. "Thank you for granting us access to the penthouse!

"Oh, so you're the Walters!" she says. "I trust that you're enjoying the suite?"

"Oh yes, especially the pool and hot tub! Isn't that right, love?"

"It was rather relaxing." Don't do anything stupid. "I think I will actually get that drink. Why don't you catch up with me later? That is if Mrs Waller here let's me have you back."

"My husband, Francis, tends to get jealous when I go to mingle with our male guests," she says and points to a man with curly red hair glaring at William.

"He can rest assured then. I happen to be possessive as well, and wouldn't let anyone take my dear away from me," Cale stated calmly. "I'll catch up with you later, hun. I'm sure Mrs Waller is a much better dancer than I am." With that he turned and made his way to the edge of the dance floor, glancing back at William one last time. See what you can find out about her. I'm going off to look for our mysterious 'friend'.

You have fun with that, William thought as he took hold of Burma’s hands, and started doing the Tango with her. "So, Mrs. Waller, tell me about yourself. You're obviously married. Do you have any children?"

"Yes, two of them; one boy and one girl," Burma answers. William gives a small nod in return.

"Anything else you can tell me?"

"Apart from my current fundraiser going towards further leukemia research? Nothing much I'm afraid. I've put all my other passions such as preserving wildlife and nature reserves on hold. It's not easy watching your child go through such a tragedy," she added with a sigh.

"Leukemia?" the demon asks, his eyes sinking down into a sorrowful expression. "That's horrible; I'm sorry that your family is going through that."

"It is," Mrs Waller paused to carefully wipe a tear from her eye. "A very unexpected, and heavy strain on my family, yes. I wish for nothing more than to wake up and find it has all been a terrible dream."

Soon you will be put out of your misery. William looked around the room to see where Cale had wandered off to.

True to his word, Cale had done a vague search around the room looking for the woman William had pointed out to him before settling down at the bar. The stress of being around so many people was starting to get to him as he gradually loosened his tie. Sitting at the bar he had started to hope for a moment of privacy, when a gentleman older than himself began to eye him up and down making the younger squirm in his seat.

"And what," the older man turned in his barstool to look at Cale closer grinning. "Would a guy such as yourself care to drink? How about an extra sweet sangria?"

Cale eyed the man before turning to the bartender that stood awkwardly behind the bar. "Could you get me a bourbon and coke please?" The man nodded before getting to work on Cale's drink.

"No need to be feisty," the older man laughed. "I was only making an offer. My name's Randall."

"I don't need you to offer me a drink," Cale pointed out taking a sip of his drink after thanking the bartender.

"You're Mr Walter's husband, aren't you," Randall continued despite Cale's disinterest. "I asked when I saw you walk in with him. A lucky bastard he is to come in here with you." Randall grinned as he watched Cale nervously gulp his drink after the compliment. "I mean, I've seen some boys dressed up before, but you are stunning."

Cale looked around nervously, a blush creeping up his cheeks. His eyes landed on Randall's wedding ring. "Might want to be careful or your wife will hear you spouting such garbage."

Randall chuckled, his hand inching across the counter towards Cale's which still clutched around his glass. "Believe me, sweetheart. My wife wouldn't bat an eye if she saw us here. You've got nothing to worry about. Hell she'd probably be glad to see me having such a good time with a beauty like you."

"My husband," Cale uttered weakly before getting cut off by Randall.

"Yeah, you're his trophy all right. No offense or anything, but it's pretty obvious. You don't fit in at all in a place like this." Randall's fingers gently brushed against the back of Cale's hand, causing him to shiver, as he inched closer to the man. "It's a shame he can't appreciate what's right in front of him. I heard about that incident on your way over with the flight attendant." The man sighed. "She was pretty talkative about it apparently." Cale gulped unable to move as the other moved his chair closer, resting his hand over the other's completely now. "It is a shame. After all if you were mine," Randall paused. "Well you could find out."

William looked over to the bar after dipping Burma. His breathing quickened as he saw an older man making himself a little too familiar with 'Benjamin'. "The dance was nice, Mrs. Waller. Now, if you'd excuse me, it seems I have a drunken idiot to take care of."

Burma looked over her shoulder to where William was casting a dark, menacing glare. "Oh my! Please don't be too harsh with him, Richard. I'd simply hate to lose one of my biggest donors!"

You'll be losing more than that, I'm afraid, William thought as he strode forward with a purpose. "Get your hands off of my husband before I remove them myself!"

Both Cale and Randall turned to look at William; Cale with slight relief, and Randall with terror.

Randall began to stammer excuses and apologies as he pushed his chair further from Cale who finally released his near full glass from his hands and stood up beside William. “There you are, Richard, darling. I was just about to call for you. Mr ‘Randall here just would not stop talking,” he chuckled in embarrassment. God, I never thought I’d be this relieved to see a demon.

"It would seem that 'Mr' Randall and I have to go have 'a talk' outside," William subtly threatens.

“Or maybe,” Cale gripped his hand. “We could just not draw attention to ourselves, and walk away?” He suggested calmly, still sweating slightly.

William continued to glare at Randall before returning his attention to Cale, taking both of his hands. "The flight attendant was a stupid, filthy mistake. I swore to you that I'd work on changing my ways, my turtledove, my firefly. How many times must I say that I'm sorry to my handsome, delicious lambchop?" the demon says with full sincerity in his rich baritone voice.

Cale gulped dryly before playing along to the demon’s pleads. “Well, maybe if you showed you love me, you wouldn’t have to keep apologizing.”

"Luckily I have a surprise waiting for you back at our room, then," William smiles coyly.

A dark blush covered Cale’s cheeks as he lightly smacked the demon’s arm. “Dear, we’re in public.”

"No better place to show my love for you, my Benny-bear!" the demon says, playfully squeezes Cale's butt, and purchases two strong alcoholic beverages for the two of them.

“I’m not sure how comfortable I feel with drinking now,” Cale admitted slightly swatting at William’s offending hand. “I feel like a damn idiot getting chatted up like that,” he whispered.

A mechanical squeal sounded from the speakers lining the room. Everyone went quiet as they turned their attention to the stage where Burma stood now dressed in an elegant red dress.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to formally thank you for making it to this year's annual Leukemia Fundraiser. As many of you know, my dear, sweet child, Braxton, was diagnosed with this horrible, debilitating disease just over a year ago. That is one of the reasons why I decided to do this charity fund in hopes that we'll one day have a cure," she says, choking back tears, and wiping her eyes. Taking a few deep breaths she continues on. "Tomorrow we have some special surprises in store for you as thanks for your donations. We're going to be going horseback riding, so please dress accordingly! Thank you, and I look forward to the auction!"

"What's the prize?" someone calls out.

Burma flashes a smile. "Time with me."

"We're gonna have to win that auction then," William whispers into Cale's ear, bending down to do so.

Cale tensed at the word 'auction' before relaxing. “Well, at least George’s money will be going towards a good cause.”

"The old coot has plenty to go round; it's actually what we've been using for money this whole time!" William states as he downs the two drinks and guides Cale back to their room. He opens the door, and sees that his delivery had been made. A bundle of Brown-Eyed Susan's lay on the bed next to a stuffed animal along with a card. William grinned, waiting for Cale's reaction.

Cale raised his eyebrows at William questioningly seeing the items. “You’re going to try courting a girl the old fashioned way?”

"They're for you, you adorable dumbass!" William blurts, immediately beelining for the minibar.

“We’re in our room now,” Cale pointed out, making sure to close the door before tossing his id onto the table, his blue and lavender locks shimmering back to their bold color. “You don’t have to play the regretful husband anymore.”

"Cale," William starts, placing his own ID on the counter. "That's an actual apology for how I treated you at first; demons can be remorseful as well."

A look of deep confusion settled on Cale’s face as he searched William’s for any signs of a lie hidden in his words. “Then,” he began careful, “I accept your apology? Though I know you’ll probably be an ass in the future again. Anything good in there? Now that I’m away from creeps like Randall I actually feel safe to drink.” Cale attempted to divert the conversation, uncomfortable with the demon’s change of behavior.

"There's vodka, rum, whiskey, bourbon," William starts to list off as he looks. "Unholy shit, they even have moonshine in here!"

"You're joking," Cale said astonished as he squeezed his way beside William to look. "Holy fuck you weren't kidding!" The man laughed. "Man I used to know a guy who made this stuff."

"That doesn't surprise me at all," the demon states flatly as he pulls the moonshine out. "A few pre-celebratory drinks shouldn't hurt!"

“Well, I guess it’s not like there’s anything I could fuck up right now,” Cale caved in. “Why the hell not?”

Not only have I gained a murdering sidekick, but a drinking buddy too! William thought to himself as he looked them both a small glass.

Knocking back the drink in nearly one gulp Cale made a face. "Been a while for me I guess. The homemade stuff is better."

"Eh, alcohol's alcohol."

"Maybe I'll share some of my personal stash with you sometime. That'll change your mind."

William downs his own before pouring more. "Is that you asking me out on a date, cutey?" he teases.

Cale chuckled. "Sorry, demon boy, but you'll have to try harder than that to get a date with me."

William shrugs and drinks the liquid. "So, sounds like tomorrow is gonna be fun."

"I'm actually looking forward to it. Even if we're going to be spending the whole day around a bunch of rich snobs." Cale held out his glass. "Gimme a refill of that."

William obliges, smiling at the request. Maybe he'll get naked again, he thought, and shook the image from his head. The fuck us wrong with me? He's a human, a hunter even, and I'm a demon; our kind don't exactly get along!

"Ya know, you're weird for a demon," Cale pointed out, snorting at something he apparently found to be funny. "I thought you'd rip my face off by now. Instead you're pouring me a drink." The second disappeared nearly as quickly as the first.

"And risk losing my murderous partner! Nope, not gonna happen. Besides, you're not bad…. For a human."

"Thanks, you're not so bad yourself," Cale grinned dorkily. "For a demon."

William smiles and laughs at this, refilling their glasses yet again. He wanders over to a stereo and turns it on to find Twenty One Pilots's 'Heathens' playing. Chuckling at the demon's choice of music, Cale seated himself on the couch lazily pulling off his tie and jacket before turning on the news making sure to keep the volume near mute.

William downs his drink, and frowns. "I'd need an entire liquor store or two just to get inebriated," he says as he sets the glass down and strips out of his suit, leaving himself standing in nothing but boxers with swords on them. "That's better!"

Cale averted his gaze, but seemed less than interested in the news headlines. "Can I ask you something?"

The demon tosses himself into another chair. "Other than the question that you just asked? Sure, why the hell not!"

The man swirled his drink around, and downed it before turning to the demon. "It's about the whole making deals thing. Do you have to make a deal with someone if they ask you to?"

William turns to look at the mortal, an eyebrow arched out of interest. "May I ask why you want to know?" he inquiries. "Do you have a deal in mind?"

"I've just been curious," Cale sighed with a long exhale. "I mean, apart from all the killing, which isn't even part of your deal, I can't see why you'd want to make a deal." The man chuckled. "This is gonna sound stupid but I always thought it was some demon radar you had that told you where people were at wits end and desperate, and you'd have to make deals to reach some demon quota."

"Well, this is a bit surprising…. A hunter asking a demon about his kin; who woulda thunk it?" the demon-man sighs. "Well, souls are a battery of sorts; they power both Heaven and Hell. We don't have a quota, per se, however, a sense of entitlement and power can come to a demon depending on the soul and it's owner. For example, one of my sisters, Lilith, once held the soul of a man who sold it for the life of his brother. The man that I speak of is, well, kinda known for certain things, as is his brother. Lilith let the fact that she held that soul go to her head, and wound up dead because of it. There were demons that feared and respected her for it though. Does that answer your question?"

Cale smirked, "Ok, new question then. If it's the soul itself that's so powerful, then who's your number one pick for deal picking? Or am I not allowed to know that stuff?"

"Mine personally, or all of demon kind?"

"You," Cale drawled setting down his glass. "I'm curious."

William sat in thought for a while, quiet while he thought of his answer. "My answer would have to be Hell's most wanted; the souls of two flannel wearing, meddlesome, idiotic, hunters…. For me, just below them, in all honesty, would be… yours."

"What's so fuckin special bout mine," Cale grumbled seeming distressed by the response.

"You intrigue me, and it's amusing to mess with you; owning your soul would be a great way to keep you, my cute little killer, around," William responds and pours them more moonshine.

The man eyed the glass, face flushing more from the demon's words than the alcohol as he caved and finished yet another glass. "I'm a grown ass man," He grumbled. "Not cute."

"Awe, you're adorable!" William teases, tousling Cale's multicolored hair, smiling.

"Not," Cale said pointedly, raising a hand, but unable to bring himself to swat the demon away.

"We should get some rest. Well, you should, anyway; we have a big day ahead of us tomorrow!" the demon reminds him, hops onto the bed, and smirks at an idea that just formed in his head. I'll save that for the morning.

A small yawn escaped the man as he began to slowly pull off his dress shirt. When he came to his pants he hesitated before stripping down to his boxers and joining the demon on the far opposite side of the bed curling into the covers. "No offense, but let's keep to our own sides, ok? I'm not a cuddler."

"Yeah right, Kelká. You seemed pretty cuddly last night!" William mocks, calling out the human's bullshit, but sticks to his side of the bed nonetheless.

"I was drunk," the man pointed out before going quiet. For a moment William believed he had actually fallen asleep until he spoke up again. "Hey, Will? If it's the soul that's important, do demons tend to make deals with kids?"

"The only child-demon deal that I know of was between a little girl named Abbie, who changed her name to Bela, and some random demon," William answers, turning face Cale. "What's with the questions, anyway, Cale? Do you not have that great a knowledge on my kin?"

The man laughed at the question. "All I ever learned about demons is how to summon them."

"Please, for the love of Satan, tell me that you're kidding."

"Nope. I've never learned a single thing about demons," Cale laughed. "So if we run into one I'm counting on you."

"Well, my built in lie detector is saying that you're telling the truth," William says with a sigh. I'm gonna have to educate this dumbass about demons. "Shut up and go to sleep."

“Sorry to have offended you with my limited knowledge of demons,” Cale huffed before settling in and beginning to drift off to sleep.

William groans at the human from his side of the bed. "What do you know about demons?" he asks as he sits up.

Cale groaned, opening an eye. “Like I said, how to summon them. Other than that I know you guys have some freaky telekinetic powers, can manipulate others, and the basic rules of forming deals.”

"That's a start. Against my better judgement, I'll teach you more. Nighty night, you drunkard."

“Night,” Cale drawled weakly. Seconds later soft snoring could be heard from under the covers.

@SupernaturalSyGuyIsTIred group

Sunlight streams through the windows of the penthouse, slowly moving towards the bed. William was already up, not needing to sleep. A playfully malicious grin stretches across his face.

I'll let him wake before I enact my idea.

Cale tossed about in the sheets, failing at avoiding the flooding light. With a frustrated groan he sat up glaring at the windows.

"Morning, sleepyhead," the demon says when he sees that Cale was awake.

“Morning,” Cale moaned stretching. “How long have we got until that charity thing?”

"What time is it right now?" William asks, now sitting in front of the television.

"How the hell should I know? I just woke up," he pointed out.

"You're clearly not a 'morning person', whatever that is," William states as he looks up the event schedule, moving back to the bed. "Says here to be ready by 8. Buses leave at 8:30. I think it's about 7:00 at the moment."

Cale groaned even louder. “You’re telling me I have an hour to clean up and get ready? What the fuck, Will?”

"Yep, definitely not a morning person," William shrugs, now hearing others moving about. Before Cale can even get up and out of it the demon starts to forcefully bang the bed against the wall while moaning as loudly as he could.

"Yeah baby, give it to me!" he bellows. "Harder, Benj, harder!"

Now fully awake the man stared at William horrified a dark blush spreading across his face as he stumbled to shush the demon. “What are you doing you idiot!” He hissed quietly. “We don’t need people to hear you doing that!

A smile was plastered to the demon's face as he continued to moan and call out for 'Benjamin'. Just showing them that 'we made up'. William keeps this up for a long while before he finally stops. He looks at the look on Cale's face, and responds with laughter.

“You son of a bitch,” Cale snarled, beyond frustrated with the demon’s antics. “It is way to fucking early for this bullshit.”

William laughs heartily at Cale's reaction, clearly enjoying the human's embarrassment. He makes this way too easy!

With a heavy sigh Cale rubbed the sleep from his eyes. “Remind me again what we’re doing on this trip?”

"Playing lovey dovey husbands, going horseback riding, and killing the woman," the demon responds as he dons a tight dark blue t-shirt, sliding it over his lean, muscular torso, his muscles moving as he does so. He grabs a pair of denim jeans, and hops into them before placing a cowboy hat open his head. He puts on a pair of boots, and looks at Cale, cracking a smile. "I don't doubt that I look pretty damn hot dressed like this."

“Now that’s what I’m talking about!” Cale grinned, eyeing William a bit longer than necessary. "No more fucking suits! There is a god.”

"For now, at least. We're going to have to wear suits for the auction that Burma has planned," the attractive demon states as he checks himself out in a mirror. "What was it you said your powers were again?"

“I have telekinesis dumbass,” Cale scowled at the mention of suits before glaring at his bag. The zipper slowly came apart allowing Cale’s two favourite knives to float out. “I make shit move with my mind. I can read most thoughts too, so clean yours up.”
William turns to face the human male, giving him an inquisitive look. "Most? Please for the love of murdering people don’t tell me that you’re pulling an Edward on me?”

“Ew,” Cale pulled a face. “Ok, I take personal offense to that comment. My sister dragged me to that movie. Worst night of my life right there.” The human grimaced. “And I can only read unguarded thoughts. It also depends on how strong the person or being is,” he added.

"Were you able to pick up on what Burma and her husband were thinking, by any chance?”

“Not a whole lot actually,” Cale admitted rubbing his neck sheepishly. “Most I caught was that they don’t like you.”

"I can understand why the husband dislikes me, but why doesn't Burma?"

“Does it really matter? They’re just some rich people. Maybe they didn’t like your tie,” Cale smirked.

"I thought that 'Richard' was rather charming while I was dancing with her," William says before shrugging and grabbing his wallet, changing his looks into those of Richard. "Oh well."

“Maybe Richard,” Cale leaned forward to pull William down to his eye level by his shirt. “Should focus on his job instead of being ‘charming’ so I won’t have to be in a suit more than necessary.”

William stared at the human for a little bit, surprised by his actions. "Kinda hot how you just took control of me like that…. Though foolish at the same time!" he says, not pulling away, but smirking instead.

“Foolish maybe if you didn’t think with your dick so much,” Cale used the moment to quickly knock the demon onto his back laughing. “I’m going to go change. Don’t do anything to make us late, okay?”

William looked up at Cale from where he was, smirking yet again. "Wouldn't dream of it, darling," he laughs and stands.

Having only a short amount of time thanks to the demon’s antics Cale showered as quickly as possible, thankful that he had also brought along a nicer pair of jeans and plaid shirts. When he came out of the bathroom he was still towel drying his hair. “Will this do?”

William gave Cale a quick cursory visual examination. "It'll do. I suppose we should get down to the lobby."

“Or, hear me out, we just shoot her from far away and hope she dies,” Cale suggested sarcastically.

"Sniping her takes the fun out of things! You should already know by now that I prefer to be a little more… hands on," the demon says while he carefully hides an assortment of weaponry on himself, making sure that he has quick and easy access to them. Satisfied, he opens the door to their room and waits for Cale.

“It’s not worth stuffing myself into that monkey suit, though,” Cale sighed following the man out.

"But you look so damn cute in what I picked out for you, Ben!"

“That doesn’t make it comfortable,” Cale pointed out with the faintest blush before grinning devilishly. “Besides, don’t you think I look good in this too, dear.”

"Absolutely, my love," William states, holding his hand out for his partner to take.

Grasping the other’s hand Cale looked around nervously. “Seriously, though. Let’s keep this performance PG. I’m already bad in crowds as it is.”

A warm, kind smile forms on the demon's disguised face. "I'm afraid that I can't make that promise." Blushing darker the man looked away.

“Lets go, we’re running late.”

Together, hand in hand, they make their way down to the lobby where other guests dressed in similar outfits mingle about. Many of them give small smiles while others give looks of disgust. William smiles.

That's precisely the kind of reaction that I wanted from them, he chuckles.

Disgusting pigs. Cale commented in his own mind. This is another reason why I want this hunt over with. They look at us like we’re a god damned zoo and we haven’t even done anything.

Stepping out to the parking lot William spys Burma standing beside the first of the busses. He guides them over, and greets her.

"I trust that the two of you are enjoying your stay," Burma says with a small, knowing smile.

Cale’s face grew red as he did his best to smile instead of turning to punch the demon beside him. This fucking….

"Should we sit close to Mrs. Waller, darlin'?"

“I’ll sit wherever you are, honey.”

William climbs onto the bus, Cale behind him, and chooses the seat directly behind the one that their target would sit in. He allows Cale to climb in before settling in beside him, placing himself closely to his 'husband'.

“Are you excited for the horseback riding trip that we’ve arranged?” Burma asks after sitting down, looking at Cale.

“Well, I actually used to do stuff like this a lot when I was a kid,” Cale admitted. “Though it’s been a while.”

“Oh, Richard didn’t tell me that! Then you might be able to help those that can’t seem to control their horse,” she says excitedly.

“I dunno about that,” Cale laughed sheepishly. “Animals tend to like me for some reason, but that’s all.”

"Oh," she says somewhat sadly.

“So, where’s Francis?” William asks.

“Oh, he’s riding on the other bus.” Burma answers.

“Well he’s going to miss all the fun then.”

“Our conversation?” Burma asks rhetorically. She looks at the driver as the last passenger gets on. She stands up. “I am so pleased that all of you have decided to join us. I have a special surprise in store at the end of the horseback riding trip. Just stick together, mingle, and enjoy today’s activities. Thank you,” she sits back down, and gives a curt nod to the driver. The bus starts to move.

“So,” Cale started already starting to feel awkward. “Anyone know any road trip games?”

"I only know I Spy," Burma frowns.

I have to spend a whole day with these people sober. Cale slouched.

William notices Cale's change in demeanor, and pulls a flask from his jeans pocket. "Here you go, honey bunny."

Burma gives them a look.

"Poor Benjamin doesn't handle large crowds too well, but a bit of alcohol seems to help him," William says in response to Mrs Waller's unspoken question.

“Thank you, darling,” Cale’s forced smile became strained as he quickly took a large gulp from the flask. Honey Bunny?

"Oh, I see," Burma says. "Well, just be careful not to become intoxicated."

I am not going to survive this.

William gently takes the flask ay from Cale, and slides it back into his pocket. "Easy Honey Bunny, we don't need you drunk-riding your horse."

“I only had a sip,” Cale scoffed. “Don’t worry about it.”

William gives him a look before hesitantly handing the flask back. "Just save some for me, please."

“No backwash.”

William chuckles at what Cale had said.

"So, you have agoraphobia, Benjamin? You poor thing," Burma says, giving Cale a sad sympathetic look.

“Agoraphobia is actually a disorder where someone fears open and crowded faces for irrational reasons,” Cale pointed out. “I’m simply a wallflower.”

"Basically the same thing, sweetie," she says and pats his arm.

Choosing not to respond Cale instead took a larger gulp from the flask. Sniping may be boring, but it’s starting to sound a hell of a lot better than this.

"Easy there, Ben!" William says, taking the flask and taking a drink himself.

Scoffing at the man Cale leaned against his armrest. “Settle down, hun. I’m no light weight.”

William gently pats his cheek, smiling. "I'm aware, Lamb-Chop."

Cale huffed with a small scowl at the teasing action. Looking to the back of the bus his eyes slightly widened in surprise. “Dear, do you mind if I switch seats for a moment? I think I see someone I met the other night.”

William turns to him. “Who would that be, love?”

“Just a woman I was having a chat with last night. You wouldn’t know her.” Cale gently touched the back of William’s hand. It’s our mystery stalker.

William looks to the back of the bus and sees the mystery woman sitting in the back. She now has long, curly dark brown hair. Moving to the side he grabs hold of Cale's arm as he moves. “Wait. I want to give you a note,” he says.

“Awe, a note, that’s so sweet.” Burma says. “I wish that my husband would still do that for me.” William quickly writes down the words ‘be careful, and try to find out who she is.’ Folding it neatly, the demon hands it to his human coworker.

“You’re such a romantic,” Cale grinned swooping down to gently peck William on the cheek. “I’ll be back before you know it.” With that he made his way to the back of the bus, sitting beside the mysterious woman. “Good to see you again. I was wondering if we’d meet again.” Cale shifted his arm so his hand was just barely touching hers. Who are you?

William watches Cale as he moves to the back of the bus, eyes wide. That was unexpected!

The woman looks at Cale with a confused look on her face. “I’m sorry, but I don’t know you.” She says. If you are who I think you are, then tell me the name of the person that you are traveling with, the name of the man that you are working for, and why you are here.

“You must remember, we were talking about my friends William and George last night,” Cale remained relaxed. “Sorry, but I’m having trouble remembering, what was your name?”

"Pamela Nash," she says, shaking Cale's hand.
“I’m Benjamin, by the way. So, what brings you here?”

“Oh, you know, I just needed a rest from the normal everyday humdrum of life. I was invited by a friend of mine, and she wanted me to meet two other people.” Pamela says. I’m actually working right now.

“What kind of work do you do, if you don’t mind me asking?”

I can’t tell you my actual job just yet; not unless you want them coming after you, William, Chance, and George. “I’m a journalist, so my work takes me all over. I told my boss that I needed some personal time to relax.”

Then why are you following us? "That must be nice. I can't seem to catch a break," Cale commented.

Pamela's eyes widened a little bit. Please stop asking such questions. All I can tell you right now is that I work as a double agent. If I tell you any more at this point and time, SNOW will send out agents to get rid of all of you.

Fine. Just don't get in our way. Cale smiled. "Well it was nice to see you again, but I should get back to my husband. Take care." Maneuvering back to the front Cale slipped back into his seat beside William.

A short time later the buses pulled up to their destination. Burma was the first to disembark from the bus, only to be followed by other passengers.

"The horses all have your names attached to them, so please locate them, and we'll get going!"

“What did you find out from her? That is if you did find anything out about her.” William asks while mounting his horse after locating it.

"As far as I can tell she's not a threat at the moment. I still don't trust her though. She said she works for something called SNOW?" The horse assigned to Cale quickly took a liking to the young man, coming up behind him to gently nudge his shoulder. "Aw, aren't you a friendly fella," Cale's eyes lit up as he stroked the creature's main.

William's horse, a dark Warmblood nickered, seemingly from wanting attention too. William gently rubbed its neck, calming the animal. “Snow? Like the fluffy freezing cold white shit that falls from the sky?”