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so I just figured we need a big dump of how to write blood loss, stab wounds, head injuries, and any other thing we throw at our OCs!
so if ya know symptoms of {something, literally anything} just yeet it in here. likewise, if ya dont know how to write something that happened to your OC, ask and see if anyone can help.

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Personally I would chose to explain injuries in the way they move, since it will likely be impacted. talk about how they limp or hold their breath when they walk, and definitely talk about where the blood is…
is it leaving a trail of drips wherever they go, or is it soaked into their sleeves? maybe it's discolored because of a disease. does it make a hand feel slippery, or does it just smell weird. how does it contrast with their clothing?
I would like to know how to write disease as well.

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As someone who has been injured a few times (I grew up playing contact sports and am generally reckless when it comes to my physical well-being), you need to factor in how trippy it is to experience. I recommend reading first hand accounts of near death experiences. There's a really good one from this guy in the 1800s who fell really far while climbing the swiss alps and survived, I think he may have actually coined the term near death experience or at least noticed it was a phenomenon.

I also recommend reading through the true case of Alison Botha (or watching a video (I think I heard about her from Eleanor Neale's video about her on Youtube)). It's pretty gory and heartbreaking but she survived being disemboweled and almost beheaded and is still alive giving motivational talks even today. She was also conscious for most of what happened to her and the sort of things she talks about remembering are fascinating to read.

Sorry for the ramble but hope it's helpful.