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@Larcenist-Arsonist! Good to know, full disclosure it's technically a Casper the friendly ghost fanfiction/backstory Based on the movie from 1995. Though the majority of the plot/important things happen prior to his birth (1870s-1883) and than follwing up to 1900s when they die /become ghosts

Lists of Characters

McFadden family; four brothers, Stephen, J.T, Francis & Seamus McFadden, (Stephe, Francis and Seamus later become the ghostly trio) My idea for them is sorta old money, though all the brothers are "eccentric" and do their own thing/hobby save Stephen who is sort of the uptight business man

Stephen; ^ at young age shouldered a lot of responsibility, this hardened him made him "rough around the edges" "A shark" in business, Smart as hell, no bullshit attitude, emotionally constipated

J.T. jealous of his brother Stephen for being the heir, the two constantly came to blows. J.T had the looks, and the charm, though lacked personality, enjoyed the finer things in life, including women. He saw marriage as away to get ahead/check in the box

Francis; love able gentle giant with a passion for the arts

Seamus: youngest and oddball,

  • note the family as a lot of ailments and illnesses physical and mental that would be un-diagnosed at the time,

O'Connell family not as wealthy as the McFaddens: Elizabeth O'Connell, frail and often in poor health, she dreams of the perfect family/true love. Marries J.T. Can be considered naive

Margaret "Maggie" O'Connell, Elizabeth's younger sister, wants her sister happy, does not like her brother-in-law, knows her sister deserves better,

J.T and Maggie have a antagonistic relationship…J.T. has a antagonistic relationship with everybody, but he can't charm her, and she calls out his bullshit so they tolerate each other for Elizabeth, but they definitely needle at each other ex; he calls her Marge she hates that

Maggie is best friends/like a sister to Francis and Seamus

the main focus is Maggie/Stephen's friendship during their siblings courtship as they had the unfortunate luck of serving as chaperons and it was awkward and boring

that friendship eventually turns into something more, but doesn't go very far as they too are very much idiots and through a series of things I can't reveal because spoilers, but they end up back in the awkward friend zone which has a butterfly effect on the whole group's dynamic

probably alot/not what you had in mind, as for questions so far.

  1. how would relationships like this work in the time period?
  2. what is a reasonable courtship/engagement period?
  3. List of unconventional jobs for Seamus?
  4. Would Maggie have needed a job?

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ooooooogh okay let's go

  1. So this is shortly after the Women's Suffrage Movement, which happened in the late 1840s-early 1850s. This brought lots of attention to a woman's role, but it was still very much a "seen not heard" type of role. To say the least, men wear the pants. Men are in charge, but that doesn't mean that there won't be a spitfire woman in a relationship. Among more high-class families, arranged marriages weren't entirely foreign.
  2. The courting would still be much different than today, but it would still be a lot more formal, if that makes sense? I'd say it depends on how sappy your male love interest is. Does he want to woo a woman with poetry and a rose? Or is he more of a go-getter type who wants her parent's dowry? The dating is… kind of non-existent, but it can be existent with the right guy and gal, yknow? If they're of more money, then there would be galas and parties where they would drink some wine and dance on the floor and maybe sneak off to the beautiful rose gardens to stare into each others' eyes beneath the moonlight… Yeah. askdjf
  3. Oogh,, Well, since Seamus is of more money, his job options are quite limited already. If you want something more high-class and bank-making, I would recommend either a partner or apprentice/intern to a Head of Industry (aka Robber Baron), a stock broker at the NYSE, or even a station master at the local railroad. If you want more of a fun/funky job, he could be a freelance muckraker (there were plenty of things to stir up), a casual information gatherer for a higher up (spy), or even maybe just a talent manager?
  4. It depends on Maggie's social status and her marital status. A lot of women didn't have jobs at this point–in fact, most of them were unemployed and stayed at home. It wasn't until WWI and WWII did the workplace role for a woman increase. If Maggie is of relative high-class, then she shouldn't have to worry about having a job; the same goes for if Maggie marries rich. If she is of more lower income, then it wouldn't be impossible for her to have a low-level job such as a seamstress or nanny. Maybe even a more clerical job–such as a receptionist, secretary, or telephone operator–would be fitting.

hope I helped!! alskdjf if you have any more questions, feel free to shoot them at me

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@Larcenist-Arsonist, first of all thank you so much. and it did help answer quite a bit.

Now to answer your questions;

  1. Maggie is a spitefire

  2. J.T. is NOT romantic at all just after the dowry and reputation, but poor Elizabeth is a hopeless romantic. Stephen and Maggie end up accidentally doing the more romantic stuff to try and get J.T to take some initiative with poor Elizabeth show her some romantic feelings at least

Both families are High class,

  1. My idea is the family does, have money, but they all left to have their own lives as soon as they were old enough except J.T

Francis is in Chicago, Stephen is in Boston

4.Maggie's love interest is Stephen though they never truly get together "Officially" because of emotional issues and again other things I don't want to reveal just yet, but like I said she comes from High class too

So more questions

1.Would it be normal than for Maggie to live on her or visit her sister often?

  1. Besides their own emotional issues would could keep Maggie and Stephen from being together?