forum How to matriarchy without starting a gender politics argument
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Well, no matter what you do if you have a society where one gender has more authority than another there's going to be some sort of inequality. But those sorts of things are really common in our societies and in nature. As long as you're tactful I don't think you'd start discourse or anything.
I think as long as you don't do anything that makes you go 'that's kinda fucked up' you should be fine. All genders having equal rights, pay, opportunities, voice, etc. Though that's not really possible in any kind of society with one gender on top, obviously, but as long as it's not grossly skewed to one side and there's no blatant sexism it should avoid discourse.
(my personal opinion is both matriarchal and patriarchal (any kind of system that puts a particular group at a disadvantage) is inherently not good and having contrast against that is important or even acknowledging that it's not a fair system rather than brushing it off as fine and 'just the way things are')