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So In writing my story, I've been doing some worldbuilding I'm pretty proud of, with solid characters. Only problem is… I seem to be struggling to make an actual main villian. I don't exactly have something to grasp on for a main conflict. So… advice? Or just how exactly did you people out there come up with villians/conflcit?

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So, based on what you've shared, maybe try exploring the motivations of your exorcists with excess Yin and Yang energy. What makes them unique and sets them apart from others in their field? Could that same quality be something that a villain could see as a threat and seek to neutralize or control? Additionally, as your main characters are learning to accept themselves for who they are, perhaps the villain is someone who has struggled with self-acceptance and sees their own shortcomings reflected in the exorcists. This could lead to a conflict driven by a desire to prove themselves and assert their power over others. Just a couple of thoughts to get you started, but I hope they help inspire some ideas for your villain and conflict!