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I've been working on this story for 4 years. I still love the characters and the world, but I just feel like my writing is subpar. I missed a lot of opportunities for character development and plot stuff because I didn't know what I wanted at the time. I'm having trouble moving forwards, even though I have a plot laid out.
Part of me says to push on and edit later- but that's a lot of things to edit in. Part of me says to start from (sort of) square one and rewrite. But the story stands at 65,000 words already. It's a big project.
All I know is I don't want to throw it out. Anyone else have similar issues or advice?


dude i get burnt out all the time without even starting writing. i have chronic writers block and executive dysfunction tho

but anyway, there's a number of things you could do! you could go through and edit what you have, and then continue writing.
you could keep note of all the things you know you want to edit in, like write them down somewhere, but just keep pushing on and trying to do better. with this one, you could honestly even write as though you had written all that character development and things, so that when you do go back, you know exactly what you want and where you need to start working from/to.
another thing i've seen people do is just completely revamp their plot/characters/premise, and start over. not that i'm necessarily recommending that, since you seen fond of what you have and interested in fixing it and keeping it, as opposed to changing it.

anyway, i hope this helps! and if you need any elaboration, do let me know! i feel your struggle lmao, writing is so hard, especially when you write over a long period of time and know that your older writing on the same project is so different