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reviving this because I'm stuck, and have no Idea how to do romance. Dpn't know if this helps but it's set in Percy Jackson universe, post HOO and it's Reyna/OC the oc is Percy's "roman" demi-god sister, she's known Reyna for years, they've been best friends/ she was sorta Reyna's mentor

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Need a little more bag round, what s do they like to do? What do they not like?
How close are they with their families? What are their Christmas plans?

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@RhysTheFirebird, well in the books Reyna's not close with her sister (her only living family) and my OC has only recently rediscovered her family after being 'kidnapped' as a child so she and Reyna haven't seen each other in about six months give or take

As for Christmas plans, well I'm going with the idea Reyna never had a real Christmas since growing up in abusive household. So I'm rolling with the Jackson's wanna give her the Christmas she never got to have

As for the the Jackson's themselves, I'd thought I'd draw from my own experience; Christmas cartoons, hot chocklate, baking, decorating the tree, Christmas music going out to look at Christmas lights

also this is set in New York city

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Ok, so, there are a lot of things to do in Christmas time, especially in a city like NY.
As I’ve yet to complete the whole PJO and HOO series, I’ll do my best, ads I am a romance writer.

If you want a slow romance, it’s best for them to have their first few interactions around other people, and eventually make the groups smaller until it’s just the two of them. And even then, have them very slow to realize their emotions, or even have one in denial, thinking the other doesn’t like them.
Really, give them plenty of time to bond, and do things they bother like together. Maybe have snowball fights, or for sledding. Maybe go gift shopping together. There are a lot of things they can do to just bond.

If you want fast romance, throw them together in a room with a few daring games, like truth or dare. Or have them go out with friends and play other games such as spin the bottle or drinking games (I’m assuming there no drinking though, but idk their ages)
Fast paced dosent give much time for bonding, more over, the bonding come after they have admitted their feelings and started a relationship.

You can even throw spin the bottle in near the end of the slow romance for them to realize their feelings for each other.

Feel free to let me know if this helps or not.

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@RhysTheFirebird, thank you those are some good Ideas.

Also I'm going off the idea they've been best friends for several years, and recently went through a lot together during the last battle (I won't spoil it as you haven't finished the series also I'm rusty it's been a while since I read it) So I'm kinda going off they're just realizing they like each other more than friends? And mostly Reyna is afraid to ruin their friendship?

Also there's really only 5 characters in the story including them, 9 if you count character's mentioned in passing.

As for pacing my idea is this is takes place over a couple weeks

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Okay, well, you defiantly have a time crunch for a slow relationship, but, mybe like I said, have them go out as a group.
A story is going to need more than nine charcters to work.
You’ll need the family, which I’m sure you already have, they main two (So that’s what 4-6 people already?) That should leave enough to go out with friends.
How old are they?

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@RhysTheFirebird Think I was a bit too bold in my wording before how I actually plan to have it end is where the hopeful ending after their accidental first kiss they have a hopeful discussion because there's a lot of emotionsl trauma for Reyna
The ages are about at least 18 I forget what the book Ages were

this really is basically just going to be fluffy thing of them bonding over Christmas in New York City and realizing how much their lives have changed now that the War is Over

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So, I'd say just let them go out doing Christmas-y things. Like I said, snowball fights, gift shopping, and like you said, decorating the tree and baking.