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Started by Sophie Herbert

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Sophie Herbert

Where to start when you have a complex plot? What parts should be backstory?
I have a princess character who is on the run after her family gets killed in an attack on the castle. Do I start with the attack itself or do I start with her on the run and slowly reveal the attack?

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If I was writing this, I'd probably start with her on the run and continue with that, having small flashbacks and revealing the backstory until you come to the climax of the backstory, everyone gets killed, that can coincide with a separate emotional moment in the present that makes more sense with the full weight of knowledge of what happened. This may not work as well if the backstory is just one or two scenes, but in general I think it adds to the drama and interest to begin with her on the run. The best part is once you've written the scenes you can always change them around however you feel is better.

Sophie Herbert

Yeah there is quite a bit of backstory. She actually gets killed and her mother brings her back by sacrificing herself and there is a lot of backstory to the town with mystery disappearances and stuff. So a lot to work out, but I think the whole revealing thing could work well :)