forum Fenrir is back!...I hope
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Hello hello!
I’m back for now!
I’m so sorry I left, I knew I left a few rps on cliffhangers without any explanation but I hope we can continue now!
@gracehustle - I know we had that Loki x character rp! I’d love to continue that!
@Nonbinary_Baby_Bleu - we had that dragon prince rp I’d love to continue as well!
@Ladybeetle - we have the assassin prince rp going’s on that I’d be happy to continue!
@Write_is_finally_back_sorry_guys_ - we have our romance that I’d love to continue!
@Caustic_Fraust - I’d love to continue our angle rp!
If I’m missing anyone else, pls let me know!
For those I’ve mentioned, pls at me if you’d like to continue the rps!


I @ed you, but it's not lighting up aha
It should be pretty high up in the unreads anyway, and it's called one on one lol