forum Does...anyone wanna write a book with me?
Started by @Oakiin

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maybe a series
Robots? Aliens? Horror elements? Also equal parts high-fantasy? Terrible depictions of inter-planetary war? Lost in space all alone vibes? Please tell me I'm not the only one.

After being inspired greatly by a couple books I haven't read in WAY too long, I really wanted to start this as an rp, but after spending a couple days messing around with it, I wanted something more…structured? But I still wanted a collab so this came to be.

Some words that inspired me:
Plague, Sin, Doom. Dead, Void, Depth. Veteran, Legacy, 'Father of the Sun'

If you're interested, lmk! Only thing is I'll want to make sure our styles are going to work together so have a writing sample ready that you think fit the themes ^^


Hey there! I'm totally interested in writing an actual book with someone, and I have been for a while. I'd love some information on what you're actually wanting to write? I'm picking up a space theme obviously and I'd be totally down for horror and war (literally my favourite to write atm), but before I commit to it I'd love to have a more detailed plot summary if you've thought of one??


Hey! :D yeah, for sure! Can I pm you with the details? I'll be able to get that to ya tonightish! ^^ I have to go to work in just a bit here, or I'd just send it now, but I don't really have it written down