forum Do you write in a notebook, Google Docs/Word/etc., on a special website, etc?
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What to do you write stories on? It's a pretty important and snazzy thing for all writers to decided upon before writing– what do you do?


Personally, I prefer writing in notebooks or on paper but it's so difficult to edit or change things when it's all on paper so I tend to use docs so I can easily go back and change things.


I've tried a lot of writing programmes, and I really do mean a lot, but the two I've settled on are Werdsmith (mobile, free but you can pay for the premium version) and Nimble Writer (steam product, but pretty cheap). Though, I usually go back to a pen and notebook/graph paper. ^^;


I like google docs too. Sometimes I'll use other writing apps, like earnest or WriteOrDie, but I always copy and paste my finished products into docs.


I like to use TrueNovelist or google docs. My handwriting sucks, so paper is fine for plotting/character development but not much else


I got Scrivener, and I actually love it.
I love Google Docs for the fact that collaborating or editing is very easy, so that is my go-to for that.
But Scrivener helped me organize all my writing, which is something I LOVE, and it's all just on one page, so I don't have to create multiple docs, and if I want to… look up my characters, boom just click and then go right back to writing.


i like to write on OneNote notebooks. although it doesnt format things on pages, its really good if you like to skip around and write different scenes versus chronological. I made a notebook for one story idea and a sections for things like characters, location, and plot. For the character section, I can make separate pages for each character and it really helps me to break them down. its really good if you're in the brainstorming phase like me and are just trying to get the ideas written down.

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I use Google Docs because of the formating and of the sharing aspect because when I started writing in 7th grade, everyone in grades 6-8 at my school had iPads for school and google accounts so I could send drafts to people.


I use Word for stories I want to keep to myself and a few friends, but I get on Wattpad for stories I want to share. Of course, I don't edit on Wattpad, but I feel comfortable enough that people won't really care.


I usually use Docs for writing. Its just easier to go between my different technologies and have it update immediately. I can use the Docs app on my phone and the website on my computer.


I mean I mainly use Docs or Word but some free good writing places that I know of are Calmly Writer,, and Write The World

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Anywhere and on anything I can get my hands on at the moment. This leads to me loosing a lot of my work, but most times, I write just to have fun.


I use a website called reedsy to write. I like it a lot becuase if you want to have a certain story finished by a certain day it gives you a writing goal per day. It also lets you organize your story into chapters.


I mainly do docs, but when I was younger I would write on a site called Wattpad or before that it was pen and paper in notebooks :D