forum Do I start my story with a dream or the aftermath of the dream?
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Just curious on what people's opinions are
I know there's a stigma on dreams in writing but I'm also not so sure about telling the reader about the dream rather than showing them.
And I'm not too keen on a different opening because the dream kind of foreshadows like…the entire story

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It depends on the importance of foreshadowing. Generally an admirable form of foreshadowing is through inadvertent worldbuilding. How would the dream foreshadow the story? Is the character having the dream a seer/oracle?
And it really is true that dreams are cliche and not highly recommended in stories, especially to start off a story, but if you do it well you could still pull it off.
Bottom line, if you're up for the challenge, you can start your story off with a dream.
Bottom bottom line; it's your story! You can do what you want.

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Foreshadowing as in it introduces a character that's really important later on. Well, not the character but a motif of the character I suppose
But since you mention foreshadowing throughout the story I realise that it kind of renders the dream pretty pointless since there is also that
Kinda feels a bit cheap honestly but I'd prefer an intro that pulls the reader into the story immediately. In my other stories, one starts off with a battle, the other starts off with a raid where the characters are running for their lives. I suppose I'd just have to spend my time making the intro interesting without action since it doesn't make sense for there to be any. At this point, starting it off with something too dramatic would just be going after low-hanging fruit

Okay, okay. Sorry just thinking out loud but thank you that helped me think things through