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  • It was 9:08 PM. My birthday was soon coming to an end but something still felt off. You’d think since it is my sweet 16 and I was having a party and everyone I knew was coming. It would feel right but nothing felt right anymore; not since they left. Okay at least things look good on the outside, I'm not melting down, and that's largely because I'm emotionally shut down. It was just me and my little brother Cj. Ma and pop were working late again; as always. It isn’t as late as usual though. They’ve been gone for 4 days. Something was up and I’m going to figure out what it is, but first I’m going to celebrate being 16, even if I’m next. 
    Everyone was starting to arrive, the drinks were out, the firepit was ready to be lit and I had a few fireworks from New Years, everything seemed to be going okay, that was until- “BLAZE!!!! YOU NEED TO SEE THIS!!!!!!!” I ran towards my best friend Malachi as I just about dropped dead at the sight. My ma walked in holding all of my dad’s stuff. She ran to me and started rambling. I didn't catch much of it because she was speeding through words, stuttering trying to get them out and crying her damn eyes out. “ Your dad — on their way – cancel.” I couldn’t understand much of anything she was saying so I took her inside and sat her on the sofa, gave her a glass of water and let her calm down for a minute while I went to find Malachi. He’s already out of his mind asking too many questions at once. I just shook him and said,'' Hey! Snap out of it, I need to know; if I needed to, would you try and move the party to your house or at least help get everyone out?” He agreed so I went back to the living room and my mom was gone. As I went to ask Cj if he saw ma and I noticed a black corvette racing away from the house. I knew then what was going on.
    It was almost midnight and there were more people at the house than I thought. I was having a lot of fun but there was still a part of me that wanted to go find ma. I found Cj in his room playing whatever stupid game he was playing to avoid the party. 10 minutes later I was sneaking out of my own party to find out what the hell is going on and I knew exactly where to go. Cj kept bugging me telling me to contact the cops about it but I knew if cops got involved I would get separated with Cj and he doesn’t even know about dad yet so I just said that we’ll wait until we figure out what we’re dealing with. After what felt like an hour we drove into an apartment complex which in my opinion looked very sketchy. Whenever we got out of the car we had to be quiet as I honestly had no clue where they were. After searching for a while we arrived. The lock looked broken into as if someone hammered it, they had red mess on the door and it wasn’t paint. I told Cj to stay outside and I headed in. Ma was in the kitchen, scared for her life. As I walked in the apartment, she was attempting to motion for me to leave, when I walked in I saw an umbrella by the door. I slowly walked in the apartment with the intention of pure silence. I heard a loud racket, like a door slamming or something falling so I quickly ducked behind a couch. When he walked in I finally realized what I had gotten myself into.
    After waiting around what seemed like 20 minutes he walked out and I finally realized after everything mom said she meant pa was the reason mom was in danger. All I could think was, "What was this place?” He went back to the other room he was in and I ran to the kitchen quietly. Mom was bound at her wrists with an old rope and her wrists were red, bruised, and swollen. As we were leaving ma stumbled on a vase and made a loud racket; causing pa to come out and he didn’t look like he was there just to catch up on life. We ran as fast as we could, I admit I fell like twice but when we ducked behind that trash bin we lost him. I knew he was going to head to the house next to try and find us so we needed to get everyone out of there.
    We went back to the apartments to find Cj on the concrete looking like how I felt. We hopped in the camaro and drove towards the house. When we pulled up and Malachi was in the front waiting. I explained everything about this situation to him. After we got everyone out and was able to hide we heard a knock on the door and as ma when to go answer I stopped her because it was probably pa. We checked the door from a distance, and it was pa so we snuck to the back. We had a tree house from when me and Cj were little and we hid in that because unless you were straight under the ladder with the latch open, you couldn’t tell anyone was up there. We waited for what seemed like hours and when I checked the clock it was 3 AM. It was 2 hours later after we had climbed up here. Cj was starting to fall asleep. 
    I found a old hoodie and wrapped it around a bunch so it was a subsitute for a pillow. It worked because around 20 minutes later he was passed out. That was when I heard sirens. Pa called the cops. We all had to climb down, I carried Cj on my back but when we got down Pa was with the cops. He was crying and shaking. I was so confused, that was until the cops put Cj, Ma and I into handcuffs and shoved us into the cop cars. I asked the cop I was stuck with what was going on because I was confused. Normally they wouldn’t tell the “criminal” but I guess because I was a minor I got a clue of what was going on. She told me,” Well your father called the station and said you three had started yelling and your mother was beating on him calling him slurs and just mistreating him in total while you and your brother just stood and watched but we were told that earlier tonight you and your brother had started swinging your bats at him to get him out of the house.” I tried explaining everything but she said to stop and just wait till I had my court date set. She explained because I was a minor they might bring up old charges and I explained I just had a few charges for the posession of marijuana and alchohol on school peramiters. She said even as it might not be relevant I should hope I get a good lawyer. 
    We drove to the police station about an hour from my house and they rushed me into the building where I saw ma, and CJ getting treated the same way. We were at the station because they technically only heard from one side of the story. In result of this they needed to hear Cj, ma, and my side see if they match up and then they would go from there. We entered the building, and they led me into this investigation room like every type of room that you see on TV. Big mirror 3 chairs and a table. They sat me on one side and hooked my handcuffs to the iron bar then set my file down and left the room. It was like maybe 4 or 5 o'clock I wasn't even sure at this point. I'm just ready to go home.
    After a few hours had passed and they had asked about every question that they could think of the 2 cops that had been with me the whole time brought me to holding until they made sure all stories were straight and we weren't lying. Cj was then brought in and he looked exausted. He didn't deserve to go through this *