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I've been thinking about a confession scene, but I want to see a few of you guy's approaches on it, because broadened horizons are good. A few things for setting:

The confession is between two girls at a time that homosexuality is not widely accepted.
The women are in their mid-late 20s
The person confessing is very prideful and easily embarrassed.

The rest I'll leave for interpretation. (I DO NOT PLAN ON STEALING ANYONE'S WORK, I AM MERELY CURIOUS)

@redwood eco

Oh, this is very helpful! It's super cute, especially this part

“Look, I really like you and I mean really really like you. Like you in the way that may make you want to avoid me for the rest of the time you’re here, like you. You’re uh, cute, pretty- attractive.”

Reading that line made me smile, mainly because it's just as awkward as me. (And I don't mind being put into a group chat, just putting that out there ofc, ya know, just in case someone were to wish to.)