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I've been thinking about a confession scene, but I want to see a few of you guy's approaches on it, because broadened horizons are good. A few things for setting:

The confession is between two girls at a time that homosexuality is not widely accepted.
The women are in their mid-late 20s
The person confessing is very prideful and easily embarrassed.

The rest I'll leave for interpretation. (I DO NOT PLAN ON STEALING ANYONE'S WORK, I AM MERELY CURIOUS)

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(Okay, listen, I know this is very long and cliche, but I modelled it after the first time I confessed to someone I liked. Some parts I changed because obviously, the other person didn't share the same feelings. I don't mind if you use my work, I have no problem with it as long as you don't take the characters ofc. Also, I'm not good at writing romance and this may have just been a plot to ask you if you're okay with being put in a group chat with some other people because I may or may not be desperate to make new friends and talk to people- but i would never do such a thing, i mean, who would go to such lengths-)
It was…difficult, to say the least. This had been what? Day 126? Hell if Rae knew, the only thing on her mind was the chick in front of her. Nobody really knew, but Rae was mortified at the thought that someone would catch her. The way the lecture was a background noise and how she had to be called on multiple times to snap her out of daydreams featuring the love of her life.
The days were slow and sadness seemed to creep into her personality, taking root and threatening to shut down her heart. But, as a human, this was not a choice, she had to press on to do bigger and better things. Some days it seemed like it would rain, even with the sun at its peak, but the sun wasn’t truly there for Rae unless she caught a glimpse of Xiomara. Rae wasn’t quite sure when she had caught feelings, but from one point on, the only thing she looked forward to in the day was to attend the same class as Xio. Just seeing her twirl her pen when she listening to the teacher made Rae’s whole day. It made Rae smile when she heard the clicks from Xio’s pen during a test, it was comforting knowing they shared the same struggle- not knowing the answers to a question.
Rae was comfortable just watching from afar, a love struck look on her face. When someone asked what she was staring at, her response would be the guy next to Xio, someone who was always with her, laughing and poking jokes. At this point, she was convinced everyone thought she had a crush on Jeremy. It was amusing. This was her little secret and it was dear to her heart.

Everything was going alright, Rae would come into class, do her work, catch a glimpse, and check out. This was enough for her because there was no way Xio shared her feelings, it wouldn’t have even mattered anyways because no one wanted to get outted, especially not in a social setting where everything could go wrong so fast. No one thought of people like Rae as normal, it was a sort of taboo, just complicated things. Nothing Rae cared to get entangled in….or so she had thought before she caught wind of Xio moving colleges. Then, suddenly, it wasn’t enough. She would never see the pretty girl in her class again, the one thing that kept her going, as silly as it sounded.
The thought of the weeks and months melting into one long day anguished her. There was no way she could let it go back to being that way. At the very least, she wanted to get her feelings out there, knowing that she did something instead of hopelessly watching her go. That was the idea, except for the fact that Rae wasn’t one to talk to others first, they usually came to her- it was the reason she had soloed school to this point, walking to and from classes on her own. It wasn’t much easier knowing that the nausea in the pit of her gut would stir up, leading her to have to take a quick trip to the bathroom. It was much better to avoid situations like that altogether.

Yeah, so much for that because here she was stalking her down like a creep, a small box in her hand. Love makes you do stupid things. She thought, sort of scolding herself for wanting to do this. Stop being a goddamn coward, just go.
She took in a deep breath and stepped out of her hiding spot. At first she acted like she was walking to her next class, listening to Xio’s conversation with her friend.
“No, it’s like they have a mind of their own! I’ll change something on their character sheet, but they don’t exactly like it, or it doesn’t fit them and I have to take it off or change it.”
“Right…are you sure you’re not hearing voices or anything?” Jeremy asked.
Xio smacked his arm. “I’m not crazy Jeremy!” She hissed and he laughed.
“Alright! Alright! I get it, you’re just sleep deprived” he laughed even harder and Xio pouted, a warm blush covering her face.
“Tell me more about that later, alright?” He said as he separated from her to go into his classroom.
Silence fell in the hallway, the pressure now on Rae to say something. If she didn’t say something now, then she probably wouldn’t have another opportunity do to so.
Rae’s body felt heavy as she approached, the familiar sick feeling of anxiety in her stomach. God, why did she think this was a good idea.
“Xio!” She called, immediately regretting she had spoken at all. She could have just played it off and gone to her next class.
Xio turned, confused and surprised that someone even knew who she was. “Yeah?” She answered, her bright honey colored eyes landing on Rae.
Everything that Rae had planned to say went right out the window as her face heated up a little.
“Uhm. I..” the words died on her tongue. She let out a shaky breath. “We have a class together” She resorted to saying. “I see you a lot in there” What kind of stupid shi-
She cleared her throat. “I thought I’d say hi. There aren’t many females that go to this school and you seem approachable enough” it was the truth, this was mainly a male dominated school since not a lot of females lived in this part of the town.
“You’re cool- I think you’re cool. You’re always laughing when I see you and for some reason everything is bright around you” Rae admitted, her face now completely red.
As Rae spoke Xio still seemed confused but now a little flattered. “Oh” was the only thing she was able to say. What was she supposed to say?

At this point Rae just wanted to get out this situation. She had to end this fast before she imploded. “Look, I really like you and I mean really really like you. Like you in the way that may make you want to avoid me for the rest of the time you’re here, like you. You’re uh, cute, pretty- attractive.”
You could hear a pin drop as Rae finished. Xio’s train of thought was muddled, even after everything that was said. She seemed to be having a difficult time processing what Rae said.
Rae felt her whole world crashing down on her. She could never be seen by Xio after this, that was it, she would have to quit college and disappear in a hole or something. The embarrassment was too much. There was no doubt in her mind that this was going to haunt her for the rest of the month, the rest of the year.
There was a small smile on Xio’s lips now, finally understanding that Rae had feelings for her. “This is unexpected.” She shifted uncomfortably where she stood. “You saying you like me- I didn’t even think someone would notice me” She said softly.
“I actually got something for you” Rae suddenly said, her brain going on autopilot and starting to ramble, something that happened when the nervousness got to be too much. She offered the gift to Xio, who hesitantly took it, her smile growing. “Oh thank you”
There were a lack of words, which only seemed to make the situation more awkward.
“I’ll keep you in mind” Xio spoke, the bell ringing, indicating that they were both late for their class.
Rae wasn’t sure if the confession had been successful, later she would think back on how underwhelming it all was but at the moment, it was everything and she walked away with a stupid smile on her face. It wasn’t a feeling of sparks flying like everyone played it out to be, it was a mixture of hope and still, the wrecking anxiety that was under the feeling of happiness and accomplishment. The thought of, did she do well? What did Xio think of her now? Would she talk to her in the future? Maybe before she left?

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Oh, this is very helpful! It's super cute, especially this part

“Look, I really like you and I mean really really like you. Like you in the way that may make you want to avoid me for the rest of the time you’re here, like you. You’re uh, cute, pretty- attractive.”

Reading that line made me smile, mainly because it's just as awkward as me. (And I don't mind being put into a group chat, just putting that out there ofc, ya know, just in case someone were to wish to.)