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Alexandre and Monsieur Kripke sat themselves down at a nearby table in a darkened corner. Glasses clinked as patrons of The Siren's Song drank their various brews and ordered food. The two men ordered a flagon of beer before returning their attention to one another.

"As Renault's first mate it was your duty to carry out his last will. Did he give you any final commands before his passing?" Monsieur Kripke inquired.

"Only that I was to deliver an envelope to Commander Briggs at Fort Edmond. That's why we were a couple days late upon our return."

"You got to meet him? I'm sure that was nice." kripke gives a quick cautious glance around the tavern before lowering his voice to a whisper. "And the Empress? How be she?"

"I didn't really get time to speak to her, though she did take interest in the Seadragon. I was sure that she would've bought her if I hadn't informed her that she belongs to Kripke & Son."

"Did she say anything to you?"

"Only that the Seadragon is a fine vessel and to give my regards to your uncle."

Monsieur Kripke smiled. "He'd be delighted in knowing that the Empress remembers him." He pauses to take a drink, allowing the cool frothy liquid to wash down his throat. "You were quite right in making the delivery. I think that a promotion to captain may be in your future, Ackles."

"Thank you Monsieur!" the younger man started.

"Though I will have to confer with my business partner before the final decision is made."

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@Winter-The-Renegade-Legionnaire book

Whilst Monsieur Kripke amd Alexandre talked in riddles and whispered secrets in their darkened corner in a run down old pub, there was a stirring across the sea. A disgruntled empress with an attitude as dark as the sea on a stormy day waited in anticipation. She paced the floor in her throne room waiting on news. In a hurry, a messenger glided across the floor, handed her a letter, and spoke softly.
"My Empress and exalted queen. I bring a message from your lover. The god of the sea."
She quickly snatched the letter out of the poor messenger's hands and sent them off without a word of thanks. Shakily she started to read the letter.
My dearest Theodora. I bring some new you will abhor. The ship you asked me to sink, and to ruthlessly batter about my seas, I cannot sink. I am bound to an oath I made long before you ever came along. I made a deal with a mortal named Alexandre. I cannot give you details. That would break my oath, and therefore I would forcibly lose my power and crown as high king of the seven seas. The only way you can break the vow I made years ago is to kill him, or claim his reward, whatever it may be. I can help you get what you desire, but that would come at a higher cost. Your words and and gentle caresses will no longer be enough. I bid you to think on what decisions you have to make. You have three days. Until I see you again my beloved.
Theodora crumpled the letter and simmered in her anger. She knew what the sea god wanted from her, and she wasn't going to let him take what was rightfully hers. It belonged to whoever she gave it too. It belonged to whoever she truly loved. It was not some cheap thing to be given away to a sea god in order for revenge and more power. She sighed. There was one other thing she could do. She called for her messenger again.
"Grab some paper and ink. You need to write a letter to an Alexandre. The newest Captain of Kripke and Son. Tell him I require the use of his ship, The Seadragon for some personal trade. And make it urgent. Put it on the fastest ship we have. I need him here.
The messenger nodded and scuttled off to do as they were told.
Theodora smiled to herself.
"And when he comes, I'll do what I do best."

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(I can't read "TTFN" without thinking of my role as the king of Mollusk Island (actually Neverland, but they had yet to name it) in "Peter and the Starcatcher". I am a useless lesbian and thesbian at the same time. Bury me with my script.)


"Theodora wringed her hands in suspense and paced in her excessively dark red velveted room. It had been weeks since a letter had been sent to Alexandre, and a response had not returned. Wild fantasies spun. Perhaps Alexandre had already perished, an illness or attack falling upon him. Could she have really been that lucky? Theodora crushed her rising hope. No, he was far too strong and clever to be so severely affected by such things.
Just then, a knock on her chamber's door. Collecting herself, the anxious empress gracefully opened the door, not bothering to greet the messenger.
"My empress," the short man said, bowing deeply. "A letter from the man called Alexandre."
Not allowing him another word, Theodora snatched the paper from his scrubby hands, not hesitating a moment before closing the door in the messenger's face and breaking the seal. Walking to the center of the room, she nervously read the short letter.

My Empress. I was pleased to receive your letter. Fortunately, I will be able to aid you. Estimated arrival is in a few weeks.


Blunt, along with others, was a word to describe Alexandre. Along with clever and gifted. With a sigh, the empress sat back on a cushioned velvet chair, and awaited his arrival."