forum A Collaborative AU Is Going To Heck So I'm Making A New One(Legend of Zelda/Linked Universe)
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Some ✨drama✨ happened(no I will not elaborate, it's kind of a private and sensitive issue) with some friends that I was working on an AU with and a few people left, so I'm saying fuck it and making my own. I mainly wrote Sky's daughters in the main AU and got really attached to them so I'm gonna try and win custody over them and use them here if I can(Groose's daughter too but she's absolutely my character and I'm using her here regardless babey). Got some ideas but they mainly center around my GORLS because I literally just spent two and a half hours looking at baby names and right now??? I have half a personality for a few of these characters but all of them are named thank god. I promise I'm not pregnant or trying to be pregnant and if I was I absolutely fucking would not be looking up "pirate baby names girl" to name my child unless I was held at gunpoint.

So you probably want the characters, right? Ight but they're gonna come in individual posts and I make no promises about how fast the posts are gonna come or how detailed they'll be, it's fuckin midnight and I have to sleep so y'all might need to wait till tomorrow for some. Sorry, it be like that sometimes.


Oh! Before I get into characters, I'm gonna post a list of the Links' and Zeldas' names so anyone who's not familiar with them can know who I'm referring to. The Links go by abbreviated versions of their hero titles(except for Sky I guess) and the Zeldas have nicknames so the Links know who they're talking about

Names are in bold so it's not as confusing, it goes Link(hero title), Zelda - games they're from

Sky(Aka the Chosen Hero), Sun - Skyward Sword
Four(Hero of the Four Sword), Dot - Four Swords games, Minish Cap
Time(Hero of Time), Lullaby - Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask
Twilight(Hero of Twilight), Dusk - Twilight Princess, if it wasn't obvious
Legend(Hero of Legend), Fable - A Link to the Past, A Link Between Worlds, the Oracle games, Link's Awakening. Possibly more that I'm forgetting.
Hyrule(Hero of Hyrule), Aurora - The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II: Link's Adventure
Wind(Hero of the Winds), Tetra - Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass
Warriors(Hero of Warriors), Artemis - Hyrule Warriors
Wild(Hero of the Wild), Flora - Breath of the Wild


So first I'm gonna talk about the most developed characters. Sky's daughters, Cirrus and Adella, and Groose's daughter, Robin.

Cirrus is Sky and Sun's first daughter and is two years older than Adella. She's usually very calm and kinda has Luna Lovegood vibes. She has trouble getting to sleep but once she does, she's almost impossible to wake up. She's actually the origin for Zelda's Lullaby; Sun wrote a lullaby for her and Sky made a music box that plays it. Cirri has some magical powers too, and hers are more practical and grounded–the ability to manipulate plant growth, earth/rock manipulation, and premonition.

Adella is also Sky and Sun's daughter, and she definitely takes after her mom with her attitude. She's hoping to become a knight like her dad. Overall, Adella's a lot more outgoing and reckless than Cirrus, though most of the time she can get things under control if they go a little too far. She has a music box too! It plays "The Hero's Song" which is basically just the Legend of Zelda main theme(I actually have a link!! Her powers are more storm-based, and include water manipulation, air manipulation, and even the ability to

Then there's Robin! She was the first one I started fleshing out because she's the only one out of these three that is 100% my original character(the other two started as base ideas and I developed them from there). Robin is Groose's only daughter, which he had with his fiancee who promptly left shortly after Robin was born. Sky and Sun are basically her second parents, since they helped raise her, and she's especially close with Adella. Robin's pretty blunt, usually without meaning to, but she's a genuinely kindhearted person. Ironically, she's deathly afraid of heights after an incident that happened when she was younger, but loves Loftwings, especially taking care of them. She's also 100% a lesbian.

Don't expect the others to come as detailed as this, since I don't really have much thought out for most of them yet. This thread will probably just turn into a "Cloudy dumps stuff randomly whenever she thinks about it" thread, but if you want to comment on something or add a suggestion I'm all ears!!