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When you're worldbuilding it's super useful to have a person to bounce ideas back and forth with so I'm wondering if anyone would like to partner up with me

I'm looking for someone who won't disappear after the first few messages. It would be reciprocal feedback, critiques and advice so equal input and consistent communication

My world is high fantasy. My area of expertise doesn't stray far from this however I'm both a history and space nerd so sci-fi and historical fiction are cool too

And I tend to be pretty blunt so I'd need someone who doesn't get offended easily. I also love to give advice so I'm also looking for someone who needs advice

Feel free to ask any questions and if you're interested I'd like if you could give me a rundown of your world/story so I can know if I'd be able to help you too

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Ooo, I love worldbuilding and would LOVE to have a partner! I've been world-building for a while now and would love to try and help you in any way possible.
I too am working on a high fantasy series, it's a huge WIP and only a rough idea of the first two books, and am still working on the rest of the series. I appreciate any forms of advice, seeing it as a way of mastering one's craft and fixing mistakes that could otherwise become problematic.
I'll write a "short" summary about my world/story but it might take a while to type it up.

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Sorry, it took way longer than I thought it would!

My series is set in medieval times in a world called Nýr where mythical creatures exist alongside humankind. Most of my creatures are original or inspired by Chinese and Old Norse/English myths.
Nýr is made up of 4 pieces of land. Und, (which means Hell in my language), set in the far north of the world, and is where demons live and separated from the rest of the world by a large brick wall called the Boundary Line. Edan (which means Heaven), which is set in the far south of the world and is where heroes who died valiantly, or Queens and Kings go when they die. Thirignam and Agro are the only places where mortals live and are where the events in my series take place.
Thiginam (the bigger piece of land), houses every creature, while Agro is a small island where only Vatns live. (Vatns are categorized as “water creatures” because they gills on their necks but are usually farmers and live on land).

Everyone on Nýr can use magic, some races can use it better than others, but for the first thousand years, no-one knew magic existed and went about their lives ignorant. It was at the end of the First Age when siblings (later called the High Four or the Ace), found four stones, the Ezekiel Stones. (Which made it possible for them to use magic).
The High Four began to use their new abilities to regulate Thirignam, splitting the world up into four sections, each becoming the one ruler over that area.
The first-born, Qwin became the first Warden and was the most powerful of the group, being able to heal, slow time, and control the elements.
The second-born, Flillana, became the first Lafear. Her ability was more of healing with herbs and such.
The third-born, Aisher was a Dyn and was the weakest, his powers were more of faster martial-arts and could slow time.
The youngest, Afla, was able to control the elements but only if the element is relevantly close.

The story follows 3 main characters all have different villains and character arcs.
Ladios’ villain is himself and his past, and the stories about him trying to find his true self and not the person he was “meant” to be.
Thea is more of a supporting character where she is also trying to help Ladios and bring her race back.
Arwood is his father, having to finally embrace who he is and know every person is different and just because he has bad blood in him doesn’t make him bad.

Here it is in more detail.

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Okay it's a bit difficult to summarise but I'll do my best

The world is called Korrei. It's made up of four continents called Meidas, Alanis, Tetran, and Selvir. Each continent retains a particular climate due to the presence and manipulation of gods and spirits. Meidas is the most developed one and it experiences a sort of eternal winter.
The history of the world begins with two powerful beings, Duns and Lins, who were brothers but ending up fighting. Lins used to last shreds of his power to trap Duns in a ball of flame, created the first Korrish gods, and buried himself in the centre of the world. In Korrei's past, mortals actually became very technologically advanced and the gods roamed the world however a great war drove a wedge between gods and mortals. The gods froze the world and retreated into a realm known as the Void. They eventually recreated mortals but cursed them to remain in a more primitive state so ancient history-medieval-very early renaissance periods. Magic is a huge part of the world but there are many different kinds and typically depend on the race.
The reason it's so hard to summarise the world as a whole is because it's changed so much throughout its history. Like, I could explain the society of the dakren race in the early first era and describe it in the late first era and it would be totally different.
The purpose of having a super detailed world is so I can write many many stories in just the one place so I have a lot of stories in Korrei. The one I'm working on the most focuses on the end of the world which is always a lot of fun. It's a little more involved than that though

I'm really bad at explaining things and don't want to get too long-winded. But, if you're still interested we can take this to DMs if you'd like. Or we can just keep it here

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Am I still interested? Man…Yeah, I would like to take this to the DMs.