forum What would you want to know about plants from my world?
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I’m trying to make a list of things about plants in my world, like where it grows, how big it grows, what colour/s it is, whether or not it is magical/can be used in magic. But I’m having trouble thinking of everything. So what would you want to know about plants in my world?

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A detailed description is always a good thing to have, lol. Like… size of the leaves and flowers (if it flowers), how deep the roots go, if the roots are thick or stringy, whether the plant is thorny or smooth (or some other texture), how thick the stem is, what its seeds are like (big/bulky like a pine cone or small/thin like a sunflower, for example). Also, whether it’s poisonous, medicinal, both, or neither. What sort of plant it is (flower, tree, shrub, vine, etc). And, if it’s edible or not.

That’s just some things right off the top of my head. Hope it helps, grin.

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Can they be used for medicinal purposes or as ingredients in potions? Are there any mythical or legendary plants with legendary abilities? It would also be interesting to know if there are any notable relationships between each plant and the creatures in your world, such as symbiotic relationships or uses other than food, like providing shelter. Are there any threats to the survival of these plants, such as invasive species or changes in their habitat?