forum Tips for figuring out a worlds population?
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Does anyone have any tips of how to figure out populations? Like towns, states, county’s and the like?

I’ve already drawn up a map of my planet but now I want to figure out how many people could/would live in it.


-I advise using a real map. Figure where the most oil might be found like desert and oceans so your population should be a lot near deserts (not on them just close to them) and near coastal regions, if you had a highly forested area that got urbanized I bet a lot of people would live there.
-Compare your town, states, and countries to real-life places like is the country the size of Canada or Isreal and figure out how many people live there.
-If your country is north of the equator or wherever it's warmer, I'm guessing more people would live there.
Look at older maps before being urbanized and stuff like America when the Europeans just got there and see why more people settled in a specific place like was it for fertile soil or timber or cause there were ports and fishes
-The history of your region might also affect the population
-I'm really bad at this so I don't really know. But my greatest advice is to relate your made-up country to real countries so it looks realistic. If your country has problems like poverty then I advice you to make it overpopulated and stuff. If it's full of rich people there won't be that many people living there.