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I'm really struggling here. Been watching bones, made me wanna come up with a series to investigate the series of murders present in my other stories, but I need an agency.

I like the suffix "bureau of investigation"
I was gonna go for "national bureau of investigation", but that already exists in the Philippines.

The agency is a series of different units based on the rampant deaths and disappearance in the area. (Units for sex crimes, murders for national security, missing persons unit ect.) So maybe something more murder based?? Idk. My thing is hospitals so trying to investigate a new area is fizzing my brain.

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There are units within police departments that deal with specific cases: vice, homicide, special victims, etcetera.

If you want it underground or private, then your characters can be private investigators on retainer with a big company that does securities or is a law firm (or something, I don't know, escort service in which they're also assassins)—that big whole thing can be your fictional agency.

But The X-Files just let the main characters be employees of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, but in an underfunded department that everybody else in-world was embarrassed even existed.

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It's not private. It's for a made up country with it's own set of laws and rules so it loose to what it has to be.

I thought maybe "Federal Divisions of something to do with murder or whatever."