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It's driving fucking crazy.

Basically, I've made a country that has big spiritual connections to the otter, from stories of the natives to the shorelines being once covered in them.

So I've come up with Lutora, which loosely means otter shore. The idea is settlers arrived on a shore covered in otter life and named the land after it. It started as Terris Mare-Luter and evolved over the years.

My friends think it sound fine but I'm in shambles over if it sounds like an actual country or something a child thought up.

Please help.

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I think it sounds like a really regal name for a country, it rolls off the tongue easily and has a nice ring to it. Is there something else about it that just doesn't sound right to you or you're slowly starting to dislike it? Maybe you could try to come up with other names with otter related meanings and pick the best ones? Keep those names for separate towns or villages in the country so it doesn't go to waste?

Naming locations is a pain. in. the. ass. so I get the struggles lol

@Rover3672 group

Just go for it! I know as writers and world-builders we can overthink sometimes so its okay to be brought back into reality…you got this! And if you need more help always ask