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I'm working on a story that focuses on monster hunters. The monster hunters work in individual groups with different names and techniques etc but they're all connected in a general hunter's network.
I find that just referring to them as hunter 'groups' feels kind of weak so I've been trying to come up with a new word to call hunting groups but my brain isn't giving me anything good.

I'm not a huge fan of all the synonyms of 'group' out there. I'm more so looking for a separate word that doesn't necessarily mean 'group' but still refers to these groups.
One idea I had was 'quiver'. Like a quiver of hunters or a hunting quiver but I'm still not sure how I feel about that

Any ideas?

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A couple words off the top of my head: "company", "coven", "conclave", and, of course, "guild". Kind of still synonymous with "group", but a little further than just a straight synonym.

Other possibilities:

  • brotherhood/sisterhood
  • legion
  • order
  • cohort
  • cabal
  • fellowship

Maybe something in there sounds closer to what you're envisioning?

Other words that get even further away from synonyms but still sound kind of cool:

  • a herd of hunters
  • a pack of hunters
  • a chase of hunters
  • a slay of hunters
  • a capture of hunters
  • a kill of hunters
  • a brood of hunters
  • a swarm of hunters