forum Names for people who come from a place? (i explain it better inside)
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So you know how people from England are called English, people from France are called French and people from Germany are called German?
I need some suggestions on what to call people from Meidas (a continent in my world)

Usually, I just use Meidan but it's the same pronunciation as maiden and Meidans are far from the typical definition of a maiden. So, any suggestions?

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Do you mean as in the pronunciation? Because Meidas is pronounced simply as 'may-dass'. I would prefer not to inadvertently call everyone from this place a maiden

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Meidites? Meids? Meidians? Meidese? Meidasi? Meidars?

ps. the word you're looking for is demonym. Here's a big long list. Most are kind of exactly what you'd expect but there's a couple interesting ones that might help with inspiration.

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Hmm…I thought about it and I think it's between these ones

Meidaians (pronounced may-dah-ians)

Any thoughts?