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I want to make a universal currency called necessity tokens that allows people to buy the things they need (food, water, clothes, hygiene products, even furniture if it’s first home buyers) without needing a job, they would buy them from places called Token stores. People still have a proper currency and get jobs to earn money so they can buy things they want (jewellery, more expensive clothes, trinkets, activities like going out to movies or restaurants)

But I’m not sure how to price the tokens? Like each item would be worth a set number of tokens regardless of actual cost (some products can be payed for with both like in token stores, but some can only be bought with actual money like in restaurants or jewellery stores) for example a kg of apples cost 20 cents but are only 5 tokens.

My problem is how should tokens be worth, like how in Australia there’s
5 dollars
10 dollars
20 dollars
50 dollars
100 dollars
All in single notes
As a way of organising the amount of notes you have to carry.
I’m thinking of tokens being 1 through 10 in single coins, since the idea is they are supposed to make things cheaper and easier. But I’m also thinking that token prices don’t go past 5, unless there is something really expensive like a electronic kitchen appliance or furniture (but those would most likely be bought by first home buyers) then I’m not sure how much tokens it would cost

I just want to hear some opinions on what the best way to organise this system is.

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Hello again. I swear, I'm not stalking you. Just going through answering questions with no responses :)
This is super interesting. The tokens aren't currency per se, but they can replace currency? So is there a benefit to tokens? What would make a person want tokens instead of just the money they have? If you can answer those questions, it may help inform your system.
For instance, if a kg of apples costs 20 cents or 5 tokens, and you can buy 5 tokens for 15 cents, you actually save money. So maybe people buy tokens to save, in which case you would need small numbers on your tokens. 1's, 2's, 5's, 10's and so on counting in 5's?
Or maybe, the tokens are made of something useful, and can be used as raw material. In which case, you would probably buy them in bulk. Like no small numbers, just 10's and 20's and so on.
I don't know. It could also depend on how your currency system that you use to buy the tokens works too.
Neat concept :)