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@Purple-Cat location_cityThe Worldbuilder

I’m doing a world building project, and don't know if I should continue.

I have exactly 9980 Kings and Queens in my world’s history and now I'm trying to add up their ruling years to see how old my planet is. I've done this in 6 different notebooks

the thing is the planets been destroyed and remade over and over again so Im not sure if it will matter.

I've done the math and if I do 100 of them per day it will take me 3 months if I do all of the books, but if I only do the last book which I guess is the only one relevant to the worlds story, it will probably take 12 days.

I want some outside opinions, does anyone think I should keep going and do all the books, or just the last one?

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Truthfully, even though it'll take a while, I would do all of them.
The information might not seem relevant now but it may be later.
You don't want to skip doing something and then regret having not done it.

It might take a while but I think it would be more beneficial for you to continue with all the books.

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Honestly, I'd advise against it unless it's fun for you or you feel like you're getting something out of it. I don't think the specific length of each monarch's reign will become particularly handy and there are far easier ways to find the age of your planet. When you're finished and all that work comes into very little play in your project, it might feel like all that hard work went to waste. If you really want to find the age of the planet, I'd advise you find an estimated average of some of the monarch's reigns and multiply that by 9980, it is much quicker than your current process.

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I do suppose it also depends on how much you've done so far.
If you've done less than half and think it'd bee too much, don't bother.
If you've done more than half and don't want to give up now, do it.

@Purple-Cat location_cityThe Worldbuilder

For anyone who’s curious, I finally finished writing up all the rulers and how old my planet is a couple days ago. I decided to go with the last book since the it sets my planet into its 6th era and is more relevant to the story, plus it would have taken me forever to do all of them. It took me 13 hours and 40 minutes to type up 1207 lines of names, numbers of years and add up all the rulers years. In the end I found that my planet is 5,838,636 years old. And that’s using their own calendar system, if it was converted into earth years it would be roughly 8,062,116.55 years.

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If you really have your heart set on it, definitely do it! If you're feeling unsure, maybe abandon it for a bit if you're looking to do something you might like more