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The Universe is called "Voice Of Phobias". It's a Universe where the governments made a humongous prison city in the ground to keep criminals from joining back to the outside world. The main prison city of this is Universe is called Ford-Well. It's in the northern part of Canada. I want people to help me with it and make it a build Collab. You can make your own Prisoner, Guard, or Doctor. Or you can make builds inside the city walls where different gangs or characters hang out at. Or You can make items that talk about the character's pass. If you want to join and help me, Just DM and Say that you want to join. Well, will talk about it.


If you made a Character then you have to make a Ford-well Prisoner, Guard or Doctor Report.
It talks about the character.
For Example, If your character is a prisoner then you have to have Today's date: (In the Universe. The Prison was made in 2060 and the date in the universe is 2090), Number of the Prisoner, One of five security levels: MINIMUM, LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH, and ADMINISTRATIVE based on the level of security and staff supervision the institution is able to provide. Age, Description, Record(What crimes they have done), Any Mental Illnesses or Illnesses they have(optional), and Inmate Interview between the prisoner and a Doctor or Guard. Put the View Doc link in the history of the character. Under Background

Don't mess with anyone's character, Location in the Prison, or Item. If there is a problem with the character. Then Message me or the person who made it

Some of the normal stuff like don't be rude or mean and stuff like that

If you bring a character from a Universe you made then that's allowed but you have to make them as human as possible. For Example, No Powers or stuff like that.

All Character has to have a Phobia of some kind

Items can be anything but They can't have a magical ability, they can't be Overpowered. Plus, You can't give guns/swords to Prisoners.

All Characters are sided characters but Odin Burns Holland(He is the Main Villain)

If you want a character of a different person to have some sort of relationship with your character, Ask that person if that is fine

No character will have an unknown backstory, you will need a backstory for a character. Doesn't have to be a long one but you need some sort of one

Prisoners- Can Wear anything within reason(For Example, You can have a character wearing a suit but can't wear armor unless you talk to me about it)
Guards- Well wear Guard clothes but can look different from the others(For Example, If I made a guard then they will have to wear Guard Clothes but I can make them wear Pink or purple or different types of Clothes). Guard will have off-duty Clothes as well. This can be anything within reason
Doctors- Will wear a Lab coat, A type of pants and any shirt. Doctors will have off-duty Clothes as well. This can be anything within reason

Have fun with the Universe and I will try my best to help you in any way. If you have any questions then DM or post on here in a reply. That is it, Bye