forum How do I go about making up my world’s history?
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For context, I have a character who is immortal and is over 1000 years old and I’m trying to think about what him reminiscing about his childhood might look like. Obviously things change over so many years and present day would be very different from when he was a kid. The natural life span of my worlds species is 300 years so I don’t know if that would also have something to do how the world would change over time if people/generations are around a lot longer than they are for humans.

There was also a time when an alien race invaded and the planet went to war with them for 14 years when my main character was in his late 200’s. So there’s an almost 300 year gap between a time of peace and a time of war, and then a almost 700 year gap between recovery from a planet wide war and a peaceful present day.

So what I’m asking is how I show the differences between how things were during my characters childhood compared to present day with such a large gap. There’s so many factors that go into history that make the world the way it is in the present, which is what makes it so tricky. Could I just back track and make up less/more fancy variations of clothes that exists in present day or change length and volumes of the clothes? How might people living for 300 years affect changes in the world? Would they progress slower or faster? Would they be stuck in the past and cling to tradition or want to look to the future?

Anyway I’m rambling now. I mostly just want to focus on the area he grew up in and the changes of stuff that might be noticeable at first glance, like style of dress or architecture, maybe even modes of transportation.


I think I understand what you're asking maybe but put different events on a linear timeline. If you want a huge time gap then talk about things in this person's childhood in a past tense and talk about it like no one really remembers what exactly happened, if that makes any sense