forum Hi! Need help with some color association stuff for magic...
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This probably isn't where I should put this but in my eyes its more of a general questions so here i go:

Basically I'm working on some magic related to emotions and each color I'm using has a positive and negative emotion associated with it. I have everything fleshed out but the two positive emotions for black and white…Google isn't helping since last time I checked "sophistication' and "cleanliness' aren't emotions.

Here is the list of everything I have for the other colors and their emotions just so there isn't any repeats.

Red: Passion, Anger
Orange: Energetic, Pride
Yellow: Euphoria, Fear
Green: Courage, Sloth/Laziness
Blue: Tranquility, Hysteria/Sadness
Purple: Empathy, Forgetfulness (these two are odd but just roll with it trust me lads)
White: Distress
Black: Emptiness

Hopefully y'all have some better ideas since I have no clue what I could use for black and white…thanks a bunch!


Perhaps a positive emotion for black could be confidence? That might be too similar to courage though.
White could be hope or faith, maybe? I'm not sure if these are what you're looking for, but your idea seems really interesting!

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this seems very interesting!
In terms of art, white is usually used to show purity, hope, innocence, faith, emptiness, apathy, death, and sickness. Black is very similar in a lot of themes, probably because black and white are technically the same color but different shades. Black in art can represent confidence, power, leadership, secrets, and like white, sickness and death. Since black and white are so similar, maybe they could be reflective of each other? Like having white be hope and weakness (sickness, a mental fog type of emotion) and then black be power and cynicism (secrets, distrust and negativity towards everything) so their goods and bads counteract each other? idk, I hope this helps a little the concept is cool and I'm always a sucker for color-based things.

ope i read after that you only really need the positive emotions for those two, but hopefully smth in there is helpful anyways