forum Has anyone made up season for their world before?
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I want to create some seasons for my wold and don’t want to just use the regular summer, autumn, winter, spring with different names. It think it would be cool to have more than just four seasons that last for different amounts of time.

I already have an idea on my planets climates and it has roughly 7-8 moons if you count the fact that it’s really close to another big planet. I don’t really know their orbit or how they would affect tides yet but I know they cross over each other so there might be a few eclipses now and then and I think it would be cool to somehow make that into a season.

I would really appreciate it if someone could give me some tips on how to get started.

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The orbit of your planet and the movement of its moons will have a significant impact on its climate and the seasons it experiences, so you can probably use them to explain any seasons you want to have.

To create unique seasons based on your planet's orbit and moons, you could consider things like the duration and intensity of each season, the types of weather patterns associated with each season, and how these patterns might vary across different regions of your planet. You could also think about the effects that eclipses or other celestial events might have on the planet's climate and how these events could be incorporated into your seasonal patterns, especially if they happen frequently or for long durations.

You've already mentioned that you don't want to just use the standard seasonal names, so think about what other types of weather patterns could occur on your planet. For example, you could have a monsoon season, a dry season, a storm season, or even a season where the planet experiences intense solar flares or cosmic radiation. Are these the kinds of "extra" seasons you're looking for?

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With all those moons pulling the tides every which way, perhaps a season where the ocean is particularly turbulent?
Or a part of the year where the tides go and stay lower than usual… perhaps so low that governments fight over the land uncovered by the sea.