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So i have a character whos sent to Juve for almost killing his little brother (oopsy) and when he's released the starts his redemption arc. Goes to therapy gets some meds gets a job at a coffee shop all that good shit.

My concern is that he may not make enough money from that job to support himself, so I thought of a law/program that can step up ex-juve kids with financial support after release, kinda like a disability pension, he'll get a certain amount of money a fortnight that will go towards food and rent etc. My question is- is this a realistic program? will I have to install parameters as to who qualifies for the pension and who doesn't?
any help is greatly appreciated :)))

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I think that this is an amazing idea. maybe you might want to add a weekly appointment to do a sort of check up to see if the child still qualifies. other than that, I think you've got it

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Thanks! I definitely think a monthly evaluation of his income could be reasonable. I also think that they child would have to be above the age of 18 to qualify

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There is definitely real-world precedent for this, with the idea of halfway houses and donation based support. A kid coming out of juvie/reform might be sent somewhere to live where his rent is covered, as long as he's working a job, for a period of time to allow him to save his money. That same institution may also give him an allowance for food and other things, allowing him to save what he's making at his job.
Theres a place like this in my hometown, actually. They also offer a potential job. Its a ladies home where they make and sell those tote bags. Its a starter job, not a lot of money in it, but it also comes with housing covered and food allowances based on sales, as well as donations.
They do have to pass a checkup, for them it's a nightly curfew, but it could be just a meeting with a parole or probation officer on a weekly basis.

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This is great info! I like the idea of the program working with specific businesses to offer jobs to the kids coming out of reform! I can imagine the coffee shop has a few ex-juve kids trying to make a living. Assisted housing isn't an awful idea either- though id have to think more into how that would influence the plot etc.

I think they could qualify as long as they obey the lore/rules of parole, make under a certain amount of money and are over a certain age. Maybe what starts with a weekly check up by a parole officer could then turn into monthly check up with government officials to see if they still qualify?

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I was thinking theyd just go back to their families, but I hadn't really thought about kids that we're disowned. I suppose that all children under the age of 18 are required by law to be under the guardianship of an adult, be it biological or not. So I guess if they don't meet the age requirement, they end up in foster care. Not ideal but I think it's a realistic senario.