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Simply put, I have this group (not race exactly, but the skill is hereditary) of people in my world that have the power to plant "suggestions" in another person's mind. It doesn't work well if the suggestion directly clashes with the target's own views, but for now that's the only limit. What would be a good way to keep a power like that in check?

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I've found for my books that a good way of potentially curbing these powers is that the thoughts can't just be random, and have to either be formed in such a way as to lead to the intended thought from the current train of thought, or can be recognized and blocked

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Okay, so Person A is thinking about…. idk, let's go with trees. Person B wants to put the thought in their mind that they should… run, ig

So, Person B can't just do 'I want to run' in Person's A's mind, and must instead get Person A to go from trees to running in a logical manner. The manner they need to go about it will depend on the thought processes and patterns for that specific person