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Started by @SapphireMoondancer The World

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@SapphireMoondancer The World

I'm working on a couple of stories that I would love some help with fleshing out

1-RWBY but it's in the past
2-Huge crossover overarching story with Undertale influence
3-Police department but supernatural creatures exist

@redwood eco

I don't think I could help on the first two, since I'm not really into those series, but the last one really intrigues me!

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@SapphireMoondancer I'd like to help with 1 and maybe 3. Will the 1 be before the moon broke, or is the historical fantasy aesthetic rather than futuristic what you're going for? Have you got a plot outline or premise for either?

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Awesome! What do you want help fleshing out with?

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Any specifics? Or is it only "Faunus OC in RWBY, in the past" and that is the whole entire prompt for now?

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Right on!

Sorry to say, I think I have recently gotten a case of completely unrelated story Muse which will keep me away from a proper collab for at least the next month…but, I hope you find more people who can focus on helping you flesh these ideas out!