forum Can someone critique/ give their opinion on how part of my worlds economy works?
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In this economy, there are Necessity tokens e.g, able to buy food, clothes, (other stuff I can’t think of that you’d need to live/survive) and Fasets: their version of money.

In my world everyone has the option to work or not, so they can choose to do whatever they want everyday or earn money.

Everyone is given necessity tokens by the government no matter what, depending on the number of people in their home and sometimes depending on their ages (e.g, a baby is living in the house so the family’s may need more for baby supplies.) If a person chooses to work they are not paid below 15 fasets per hour. The government is allowed to have working people pay taxes for community expenses (e.g medical, building, the creation or tokens ect) without worrying about the person not being able to afford the necessity’s they need to live, while also allowing the people to earn money for their own personal spending.

Everything in a store has two costs, the cost of tokens and the costs of fasets. These are used because if someone wants to buy more than their given amount of tokens allowed, they can buy it using their own money.

There are stores were you can only use Fasets and not tokens, this is mostly because the stores sell what are classified as luxury items that people really don’t need. Like jewellery, house decor, craft materials, certain technologies ect. This way people are encouraged to get jobs to be able to buy these things and the government is able to collect enough taxes to pay for their own expenses.

The one thing I’m stumped on is how people would by a house. I had thought about the governments owning homes and giving them to people when they needed them, which I’m still thinking of putting in for certain situations (like people who lost their homes and need a place to stay and can’t get hotel accomodations or something) But I don’t think that the way to go for the most part.

I’m also not too sure what the tokens should look like, so if anyone has any suggestions I’d be very grateful.