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So I mostly get ideas for themed cities, like I have a Colleium city, or a Crafting city, but then I kinda get stuck on what the actual surrounding area is like. So, how do you decide the biomes or physical regions your cities are in?

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When it comes to deciding the biomes or physical regions for your fictional cities, I suggest considering the type of city you have created. For example, a fishing city would likely be near a body of water, such as a coastal area or a river. A crafting city could be situated in a mountainous region (for e.g. blacksmithing), or near a large forest (for woodworking), where resources for crafting are readily available.

Another helpful approach is to research the climates and environments of different regions in the real world and see which ones align with the theme of your city. For example, if you have a city that focuses on agriculture, you may want to place it in a temperate region with fertile soil and plenty of water.

Once you have determined the general location and environment of your city, you can also consider how the city itself may have influenced or adapted to its surroundings. For example, a city near a desert may have developed irrigation systems or water conservation techniques. Then ask yourself: how would those systems have changed the environment around your city? It might be small, but e.g. irrigation might produce more flora in a biome that might otherwise be barren, or a city that pollutes could result in a more barren variation of its "normal" biome.

There are a million options for you to choose from, but if you think of the nearby environment as an extension or commentary on your city as a concept, it's a lot easier to find the right biomes to complement and improve them.