forum Will someone rant about Welcome Home with me?

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The basic idea of it is that it's this TV show from the 70s, that mysteriously stopped airing, and these people are trying to restore it. (The show never actually existed, that's just part of the plot)

The website is the people who are "restoring" the show talking about their progress and the existing stuff from the show, but there's a twist

It's actually a psychological horror type thing, and there are a bunch of secrets hidden in it, I think it's really cool.

(Here's the website:


In the website, there are some letters that are out of place, and when you put them together, it forms a code. There are a ton of different possible combinations. You put the letters in the website after the / Symbol, and it will take you either to a 404 page or a secret website. It's really cool.

The website is set up to look legit, with news updates and everything.

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If I had a nickel for everytime I hyperfixated on a horror show that has the appearance of a kids show with puppets and the main character is yellow with blue hair, I would have two nickels! Its not a lot but its weird that it happened twice.