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If you're ever having a bad day(or just want some daily wholesomeness) then this is the chat for you! I'll try to post a wholesome pic every day. Everyone is welcome to contribute if they want, of course, and if I forget or you're in need of a dose of those happy chemicals, just let me know! :)

First wholesome images of the chat are these because look at these brave little heroes :)))))

Saw this on my fb. For all the gamers out there. - Imgur

21 Cat Cosplays That Are Fierce Yet Cute And Adorably Silly - I Can Has Cheezburger?


Okay so I was at a hockey tournament and wasn't able to post pics, so sorry to anyone who missed them but!! I'm back!! When we got back my mom turned on the news and I saw this, it's adorable and you guys need to see it too

A boy sent his Baby Yoda doll to Oregon firefighters. Now they take it on  their calls - CNN
Baby Yoda provides Force and comfort for Oregon firefighters -
Baby Yoda battles wildfires alongside firefighters
Young Star Wars fan sends Baby Yoda doll to firefighters to keep them  company - CNET
5-Year-Old Boy Donates His Baby Yoda to Oregon Firefighters | Inside the  MagicBoy's Baby Yoda doll inspires crews fighting wildfires | Q107 Toronto
Baby Yoda brings comfort to firefighters on the front lines
Baby Yoda gift to Oregon firefighters now traveling to wildfires across  state lines | KX NEWS

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