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the video game Fallout 4 inspired me to make a nuclear apocalypse story and it kind of went from there

and @Cocoa-Nut i used to watch fairy tail too lol my friend basically forced me to (i was super against anime)


I had just finished read Sarah j Maas' throne of glass series and decided to do a Rp based off an assassin's guild. It was just a fine idea but over the course of two years, my friends and I finished the storyline. I decided to turn it into a story, creating more conclusive characters, a better plot, and new ideas.

If you search up assassins guild on NB, you can find the completed Rp with my trash writing

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I have 3 main projects so:

Magic Keepers
This started off as a completely different story. I pretty much kept making small changes to it until it became what it was. A lot of the changers were inspired by the Inheritance trilogy, which I was really into at the time. There's still some similarities, especially in terms of characters.

New Vellarton
From what I remember, I was reading a lot of forbidden magic stories and this kind of drew a lot of inspiration from that. It actually started out as a short story that I wrote for English class, but kind of turned into its own thing. Drew a lot of inspiration from X-Men, The Obernewtyn Chronicles, and I'm like 99% certain that Crispin is like loosely inspired by the Maximum Ride series.

Immortal Minds
I wish I knew? It actually started out as a continuation of the New Vellarton series, but then I realized I was basically just telling the same story. Anyways, I still don't really know where I'm going with this story and the plot changes like every few months or so and as a result so does the inspiration sometimes. So far, season 1 of Riverdale and Heroes have been pretty big inspirations for what I do have so far. I also finished Renegades by Marissa Meyer recently and I'm kind of wanting to draw inspiration from there but I'm not really sure how it would tie into the story.
I also have characters who are like, loosely based off of my favourite band. Loosely. But it's still obvious if you know anything about my taste in music


Marked was inspired by Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children.

I loved that book so much, but I didn't even finish it cuz I have The Big Distract. I gotta find that again.

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Memories was inspired from The Everything Creative Writing Book and a recent event in my life. I drew inspiration from when I helped my uncle take care of my grandfather, whom had dementia.

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The Forgotten Gods:
Inspired by Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and the Olympians. But instead of demi-gods, they are reincarnations of gods who are formed to retrieve the ashes of the burned gods to restore them to their rightful power.

The Crimes of O-092:
Inspired by my criminal investigation class I took this year. Got me really interested in a variety and crimes and cleared the fog difining different crimes from each other. Then I thought, what if there was a city where crimes were seen as a currency for power? What if the more crimes you have committed, the higher social status you have? But only a select few hundred know about this place, and it's like a sanctuary for criminals of all sorts. So, boom. The birth of my newest creation.

The Feared:
I'm not even sure where this one started. Definitely made after watching X-men and mutants piqued my interest. But I wanted them to be more scientific?? Can I even say that without knowing shit about science? I have no idea.