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pretty self-explanatory.

one of my IRL friends once ranted about the existence of macaroni~ it was the weirdest thing I'd heard in a while. Here, a direct quote:

"But if macaroni is only curved pasta, would it be pasta or macaroni that doesn't exist? And why serve it with cheese? That's just asking for rebellion, you know, because what self-respecting pasta piece would drown in a vat of cheese for human enjoyment?"


Someone in one of my classes was Convinced that he could take on a full grizzly bear…this kid was a toothpick…he then kept switching his argument to hypothetically taking on a polar bear since those don't live in our area, so technically he would win…no one agreed with him…


I once ranted about an AU that would be super cute,
a Reddie one (Richie/Eddie from IT)
and how Eddie would be visually impaired, and Richie would meet him in school, through a program he was forced to take for extra credit, where he helped a person in need, his person turns out to be Eddie and they eventually become friends, starting with Eddie telling him what its like to be blind, and they get to know each other, and then eventually its a friends to lovers slow burn but it would be super cute with moments like:
Richie : "hey Eds, wanna go see a movie?"
Eddie, while smiling: "…Richie…im blind…"
Richie, slapping his forehead:"right- oh shoot-.. sorry, I swear I'll get used to this."

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My friend went on a tangent today about how much she hates the Bean in Chicago. The actual name is Cloud's Gate, but most people seem to call it "the Bean" so I'll stick with that. I believe her exact words were: "New York gets the liberty. Illinois has a bean." And then she talked about how her family always takes a picture with it when they go to Chicago just to spite her. I hopped on board with that sentiment pretty quickly and made her this: