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@Eli-the-transboi group

Dear @andrew,

Members of the Chicken Chat and residents of Notebookai, hereby declare war against you. We wish to gain the power of Notebook and release chaos into this cite. We will be updating this situation in here and recording our wins and our victory!

If we win this war, we will take over Notebook and become the all powerful gods while we throw Andrew to the sidelines. We demand chaos and we will take what's ours!

If power is not handed over to us by October, we may release our secret weapon.

All the participants of this war will sign this document and unfollow Andrew to show who's side they are on. Those who demand power and chaos will join this revolution and bring down Andrew once and for all!

@Eli-the-transboi group

Just don't mess with other peoples chats and rps. Only 'set fire' to rps that you're in. (Ask permission to just put the fire emoji in there. Don't be annoying to anyone. Just chaotic but nice)