forum TW:VENT What do you do when nothing is ever going to be okay again?
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I’m so tired. I’ve lost my joy. Now I just have things that make it a tiny bit better, but that’s not enough anymore. If Dad doesn’t agree to top surgery, I’m done. I know top surgery won’t solve all of this, but at least I won’t want to kms every time I see my chest. I’m going to stay long enough to find Aza, at least. I can still feel my stepmom on top of me and the nosebleed I got from being slammed into the floor, though. (That was my fault, though. It always is.) I can still see the white walls of that godforsaken isolation room. (Maybe if I hadn't tried to bite a teacher I wouldn’t have been put in there. Even though I wasn’t being violent when they actually put me in there. Mom says they provoked me. I’m not sure how true that is.) was it all my fault? I miss Aza. I just want zir. Am I cursed to be like this forever? I just want to be little again. Edit: a word