forum Tips on Saving Up Money?
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Hmmm… these may not all apply to you but some might be helpful. :)

  • Don’t shop without a list
  • When you shop, stick to the list
  • Create a budget so you know where you’re spending money and how much you can realistically save
  • DIY food is usually cheaper than eating out
  • Buy secondhand when you can (like some kinds of clothes, costumes for fancy-dress parties, furniture items, etc.)
  • Borrow books and movies from your local library instead of buying them

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Okay. :) Assuming you don’t already get an allowance, there are some ways you might be able to earn some extra money.

  • Let your parents know you want to save up some money and ask them if there’s any odd jobs they’d be willing to pay you to do (these would be jobs besides your normal chores)
  • I’m not sure what sorts of things are available to someone your age in your area, but (depending on a few factors) if you have friendly and trustworthy neighbours you could offer to do something like wash cars, mow lawns, weed gardens, babysit, etc.
  • I’m assuming you enjoy writing, being on a writing website - there could be writing competitions (short stories, poetry) in your area or online that you are eligible for. A Google search or talking with your English teacher or librarian could help you find some if they’re out there.
  • Craft - if you’re really good at cardmaking or beading or baking cookies or something like that, you could ask people you know if they’d be interested in buying, and if they are interested, you could make the thing for them.

It’s obviously best to get parental permission before going ahead with any of these. I’d recommend talking with your parents or teachers about ways you could earn some money, because they will know your situation and strengths a lot better than I can. :)