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If you have any good tik toks with vine humor please, send them this way! We are here to appreciate the good wholesome tik toks with dad jokes, vine humor, and pretty much anything else.

Also please, do not post anything like the WAP dance..let's keep it PGish. Cursing is fine, but nothing overly-sexualized and stuff.

If a tik tok includes triggers, slurs, crude humor, that fake "dark humor", politics, making fun of someone, or offensive content, just go elsewhere. We are here to share tik toks that are genuinely funny and entertaining. Please do not post offensive tik toks, this is not the place for that. Thank you!

Also..if you got a tik tok, go ahead and promote yourself here too! We stan a good self-promotion.

And I'm starting off this post with a few I absolutely love! (I will be adding more later):
among us tik tok
Avengers tik tok
dad joke tik tok

(Also if you could, you dont have to, but put a couple words or so to describe what the tik tok is mainly about, so people have an idea of what it's about.)


I love this so much!! Lol I showed the dad joke one to my dad and he goes "I'm gonna use that next family reunion." I cant wait to watch people cringe as he says it lmao.

Learning about teens When he says Karma from Assassination Classroom I started laughing so hard cause I related to that a lot.

The creation of water the caption tho lol

"Dont be jealous" HOW COULD I NOT? Also we must protect this man at all costs.

Doggo! So pure and innocent <3


(Yeeesss! I forgot you were gonna make this post. Hold on while I retrieve my chaotic tik toks. Also, Jaymee is taking a break from nb for a bit.)