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  • Damn, my Dr. Pepper exploded on me while sitting down. Now it looks like I not only pissed my pants, but shit them too!

  • I hope that bag falls and hits this asshole.

  • God, I can't wait to get home so that I can shoot people! (In a video game, so don't worry)

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oooo intrusive thoughts place or simply a dump for horrible shit? hits "c" for all of the above

  • I wish I could turn this dude's lunch into his last supper.
  • He got a car? Him? I want to wreck it he's an ass
  • Oooo it's glowing like it's hot let's put it in our facehole
  • Bro just turn fucking left and stop stalling the lanes you horse-hock piece of shit

@IcarusFightsTheSun book

  • could you, like, shut up about your insecure boyfriend? i have a comic to read.
  • i don't care, go away, i have comics to read.
  • can someone explain what's going on? i don't like you enough to pay attention. (<– strightly school.)
  • defenestration, defenestration, defenestration, defenestration, im gonna throw you out a f**king window!!
  • i can't wait to grow up, move out, build a hut in the woods and stave to death, bc i said so.
  • wow, this is great advice. this will definitely make my life a lot easier. this might just solve most of my problems. a very simple solution to my troubles… im not gonna do it.

@FRANKtheTritoposaur group

  • I am one drain away from ending it all

  • u should scratch at ur acne. That will totally help (no it won't) SHUT UP.

  • do I really wanna kiss him? (THATS WNOUGH THINKING FOR TODAY) proceds to go to sleep

@im-with-stoopid pets

A nice place for some very much violent thoughts! :D

  • "She talks a lot of shit for someone who's so short they need a step stool to go up the stairs."
  • "If I kicked you down the stairs would you walk faster?"
  • "Nice turn signal, you fucking goblin. How about I throw your Fisher Price looking car into incoming traffic?"
  • "Physically cannot stand him, he'd come into school on a stretcher just to give the most boring Microsoft Sam ass lecture."
  • "I'm going to wire your jaw shut if you keep chewing like that."

@FRANKtheTritoposaur group

  • You are litearly a drug addict who is just going to be a washed up divorced whore when they get older. Just like her mom!! You are also so incredibly atupid i dont know how you can even read. Fuck, I dont think you CAN read.You are the bitchest whore to ever slut down the halls at (my middle school) Kys bitchface.

Theres a yummy rant about this bitch who goes to my school.

@im-with-stoopid pets

Oh yeah, I've got tons of these. Ok wait that sounds concerning I'm stable I swear-

  • "Why is your hair greasier than a McDonald's kitchen? Don't fucking touch me with that, ew."
  • "This donut tastes like play-doh. If you're trying to poison me at least make it taste good."
  • "Take another bite of my food, and I'll take another bite of your arm."
  • "If I punted you like a football, how far do you think you'd go?"

@im-with-stoopid pets

The range of insults that enters my mind as soon as I have to walk to and around my classes is as wide as the Sahara Desert.
True rage comes from having to get from one side of the building to another in a 3-minute passing period.

@IcarusFightsTheSun book

(gasp i forgot about this place!)

  • mom, dad.. im GAY!.. just kidding I'm a smoothie
  • just because im american doesn't mean i can't read.
  • why the hell do you care about what i eat. it's not your business.
  • ah yes, hello legal guardian. please go back to alaska or get a real job.
  • if you think summer break is a cure for adhd and bipolar disorder, im afraid we're both disappointed.
  • you went to therapy?! why haven't you gotten me into therapy, you're the one who messed me up in the first place!

@FRANKtheTritoposaur group

  • Sometimes, the thought of loving anyone else seems unbearable. Like replacing the sun. Sometimes, the thought of loving someone else seems so appealing. Why can I just do it. Why can't I just move on. Why do I want to move on and hold on at the same time. Why are feelings so complicated. Why does living suck. Why do I want to beat her or myself with a bat. Why do I want to be killed in the most horrific way. Why do I crave death but can't bring myself to give it to myself. Why is loving hard.

@Phrog-King terrain

Okay, here we go. I'm okay i swear

-"God damn it you miserable toad"
-"I would tell you to eat a gorilla's left ass cheek, but even the gorilla doesn't want you anywhere near it"
-"Hmmm. If I ate twelve thumbtacks, I'd be fine"
-"If your dumbass wants me to do something, don't forbid me from doing it and yelling at me for not doing it"

And finally,

-"Suck a dick you three-toed, 5 eyed goblinoid prick. if someone were to suck out your spinal fluid with a straw, and you were writhing on the ground in unspeakable agony, begging for my help, I would break your legs and throw you in the ocean you avocado-shaped asshole"