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Hello again! It’s me~ I’ve thought of yet another game we could play.

This one’s pretty simple, too. The first person will send a song title and the last ending word would be the starting word for the next song title.

It’s confusing to just explain, so I’ll send an example.

Person 1: In The End
Person 2: Damage
Person 3: Exodus

And so on…

The first song is Numb.


Due to the constant use of the letter ‘e, l, y, s, r’ I’ve decided that if you want to, you can skip it and instead try out for the second last letter.

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Times Like These
(Sorry I don’t know how to bold…)

(It’ll be hard to explain, so you can quote a comment and see how!)

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You Can Be King Again

Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na)