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ngl i just made this so i have a space where i can freely talk about how precious narancia ghirga is but yeah just talk about your fav characters here!

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I needed this in my life
Okay so Sanji
He's just so precious and soft
He just needs hugs and I'll give him all the hugs
He's such a sweet baby and I'd die for him a thousand times over
And he's so strong, too
And so fast
And he's adorable
His smile lights up my world omg
I love him

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narancia ghirga appreciation post time-
naramis icons | Tumblr
can i just say, this man deserves the world
he's been through so much and i just wanna give him a big ol hug and tell him that i love him
he's just,,,, i don't even know how to express my love for this baby boy i-
i just want him to be happy because he hasn't been happy for most of his life
he. deserves. everything

karuaru — i did some matching icons but my friends are...
^^^ best ^^^ boy ^^^
okay bye and thank you for coming to my ted talk


Well, I cannot say that I have a particular favorite anime. Video game, well that has to be call of duty modern warfare, the original one, that is a cetain thing! So surely, the favorite character from that game, has to be Captain Price. While the favorite movie character has to be Robert Downey jr's Tony Stark! I have read a lot of comics about Tony, as he is my favorite marvel character in general. Since I was a kid I was looking for the similar things between us two. I guess the only thing that is in common between us right now, I guess it is our passion for gambling, in special poker. I mean, I am playing a lot onแทงบอล/ as all the casinos are closed, I have to play online.