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say anything, that normally you wouldn't be allowed to. swearing is allowed, it could be anything, but please put a trigger warning to be considerate if anything that could be inappropriate or hurtful. No hate, not aggressive, but can be joked about. again, it could be about anything, but put a trigger warning if it would trigger people.

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Trigger Warning: IDK if this will actually trigger anyone because IDK What I'm gonna say, but It might if I get really into this

I don't want to grow upppppppppp…. I want to be a kid again, and not care about the world!!!!!!!!!!!! AND YET IM 15, NOT A CHILD SO STOP TREATING ME LIKE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALSO, to my crush- plz hold me and kiss me tight, I need you to stop messing with my head, you are driving me insane. Just tell me you love me already, some days I think I know u do, then other days……. I need u, plzzzzzzz, let's stop playing

I'm so tired of the panic attacks, The dying inside, the fighting all the time.
I'm so tired of everything being about politics,
Im so tired of being tired
Im so tierd


I never realized how many things there are that we want to say, but don't. How many things build up inside of us, wanting to spill over the edges, but we never dare let a drop make it out for fear of what others might think or how they might respond. For fear of letting that part of us be open and seeming vulnerable or flawed.

I'm tired of being misunderstood by everyone. Of having my words misinterpreted or twisted, of having people think I don't mean what I say even though I've given them no reason to doubt. I'm tired of pouring everything I am into people only to be left empty, of being the one who is there for everyone else but feels alone when I am the one in need. I am tired of being overlooked and unseen, unmissed and unnecessary. I'm tired of being so patient, so forgiving to the people who tear me apart, but simultaneously being judged by these same people when I am not perfect. I am tired of feeling like one flaw is enough to deem me unworthy of friendship or love when I go to extremes to make sure no one else ever has to feel that way. I am tired of being the one to love, but not be loved. I am tired of not being taken seriously, of being taken for granted. I am tired of not mattering to the people who matter to me most. I don't care to give everything I am for the people I love, but dear gosh— for once, I would like to feel like it was actually appreciated. Like it actually meant something to them. Like I actually meant something to them, even if it was just a little.

I'm tired of the shallowness of the world. I love when I see deep things, deep people, sincerity, because there is so little of it. I'm disgusted by the facades and the temporary and the disposable and the meaningless. I want something real. I want a life that is authentic.

I'm tired of looking at myself and feeling only hatred and disappointment. I am tired of feeling like I am incapable of making others happy. I am tired of that. I don't want anyone else to feel that way, either.

I want to make a difference in the world. I'm annoyed at how many people say that and how few mean it.